The Xbox 360 Had 18 Games At Launch. Here's What They Looked Like.

The Xbox 360 was released on November 22, 2005. It had 18 launch titles. Now that the Xbox One has been revealed along with a few of its launch games, let's take a look back at the launch titles the 360 had, and see how they hold up.

Amped 3

Call of Duty 2

Condemned: Criminal Origins



Kameo: Elements of Power

Madden NFL 06


NBA Live 06

Need for Speed: Most Wanted


Perfect Dark Zero

Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie

Project Gotham Racing 3

Quake 4

Ridge Racer 6

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 06

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland

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    Kameo and PDZ, both such underrated and under-appreciated games that'll never see a sequel :(

      There's NOTHING underrated about PDZ. It's a piece of overrated shit.

        Agreed. I returned it within four hours. It really wasn't good.

        It's remembered as an awful game and it's STILL overrated.

        I remember my friend buying a 360 around launch and getting PDZ and Rockstar Table Tennis. Needless to say we played a lot of table tennis.

    My first was NBA Live 06 and it was missing modes from PS2. Does Hexic HD count? I highly doubt MS will give a free pre installed game now.

    Gun was a bloody awesome game. My god i loved that one to absolute BITS!

      Yeah, Gun was pretty rad. I blew a lot of time on that one. Kinda feels a bit like a Red Dead precursor, now that I think about it. Condemned was also very enjoyable to me at the time, given that I was living in such a poor part of town that hobo-fighting was kind of necessary to get in my front door.

        Ahhh yes.. them crazy hobos.
        I know it sounds insane, but i also felt the way the heads just popped in Gun to be insanely satisfying.
        Now i sound like one of them crazies you see on tv.

        Nope. Red Dead Revolver came out in 04.

          Given how Red Dead Revolver played and its 'fantasy' elements, Gun definitely felt like more of a precursor than Revolver.

    I quite liked Gun, tho I played it on the PS2.

    Just goes to show how far it's com from it's release.

    Kameo was such a great game. I actually played it again recently.

    I really enjoyed King Kong

      Me too. Kameo was also awesome. So many enemies on screen at once, it blew my mind.

        I didn't actually beat Kameo, wasn't really drawn in. But I do remember being impressed with the amount of enemies. I replayed that one bit where you're fighting around that mountain in the centre of the map a few times, I remember it feeling fun cause it felt a like being in a big battle

      Indeed, definitely one of the better movie games.

    Ahhh, Call of Duty 2, back when the series was the upcoming rebel against the mighty Medal of Honor series... how times have changed.

    Joanna dark looks like a sex doll 0_0

    I never played perfect dark but its a shame because it seems like a franchise that had a lot of rare...well..we all know what happened there

    Quake 4 was wicked. Still have fond memories of Stroggification :-)

      Yeah, but console controls. If you played it on the PC, you were much, much better off.

        Oh, I only played it on the PC, haha. I realise the console-centric nature of the article, but the reference to Quake 4 only made me reminisce about PC stuff. ;)

    Oh man.. I remember when snowboarding games were the height of tech advancement - then tuxracer came out and ruined everything with penguiney goodness.. Need for speed: MW; Perfect Dark Zero; Project Gotham Racing 3 I remember incredibly fondly..

    .. The fact that half this articles images didn't load within a 15-18mbit link didn't load and were replaced by some terrible JS with the kotaku place holder, does not. Please hire a decent coder. Like me. You know my contact details.

    Last edited 23/05/13 2:07 am

    Oh god, American Wasteland! THAT TEXT! ZE GOGGLES, ZEY DO NATHING!

    I count two exclusives, but I'm not sure about the sports stuff so I could be wrong.

    Quake 4, the best game on that list

      Gun, Kameo. Sorry, guy.

        every one has there choices and ive only played about 3 of those games so Yea Quake 4 is the best

          I wasn't serious. Well... mostly not serious.

          Seriously, go play Kameo, though.

            alright, ill try get it next time im at a game shop

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