Zynga Has Lost $US160m This Year So Far

Zynga Has Lost $US160m This Year So Far
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2012 has been rough for the company behind FarmVille. Zynga has lost a total of $US160 million during the nine month period from January to September 30, 2012, the company said in an earnings report today.

This includes a loss of $US52 million over the past three months. Yesterday, Zynga laid off 150 staff and shut down 13 games, including The Ville. (We still don’t know exactly which other games were shuttered — I’ve reached out to the company for clarification.)

That’s not to say they’re falling apart: as the company noted in its financial report today, they’re still controlling half of the top-10 games on Facebook: Words With Friends, Zynga Poker, Bubble Safari, ChefVille, and FarmVille 2.


  • I find great joy in seeing this horrible company crumble. Just wish the money they lost went to the developers they plagiarized all their games from.

    • This. I didn’t hate Farmville, but they plagiarised EVERYTHING. Happy Aquarium was out for 3 months before Fishville, and they stole pretty much all the ideas from it. It was shocking, and they did it with a tonne of games. Blatant plagiarism left right and centre, and I’m glad people are finally realising that annoying your friends and being tempted by real world money purchases aren’t the future of gaming.

      It’s funny, 3 years ago all the tech websites were citing the fall of core gaming, and how social gaming would take over. Now social gaming is slowly dying, but they’re claiming shallow mobile games will destroy the handheld market. I’m beginning to think that (most) shallow games like this will be popular for awhile, and then slowly die off. Angry Birds is still selling more copies than Angry Birds Space, which might sound alright but it doesn’t exactly look promising for the future of the franchise, when you aren’t guaranteed more sales from developing a newer, more expensive title.

      • yes…. because once someone has created an aquarium game, no one else should make a similar one. because people never ever copy others. whats that? someone had a baby – hey baby, don’t you dare learn to speak or walk by copying me.

        unless you can prove they plagiarized by stealing CODE, its copying.

    • Yeah, isn’t it awesome seeing all those people lose their jobs and families lose their financial support :S

      • Double Fine lost programmers to Zynga. They’ll just have to go back to making games instead of making social game versions of shovelware.

  • A company based on fads will always die off quickly unless they can be innovative and create something new to attract their players. Heck, maybe even start an IP with a storyline instead of just making gimmicky social games.

  • I actually wonder how they’ve managed to lose so much money when so many of their games should be providing them with income. Would be keen to see where their expenses have been going.

  • Just goes to show the power of the consumer/gamer. If you are going to try and rip off the community in both the production of games and in app purchasing, its going to get old quick and we will know…so now the game is up…bye! Unoriginal hacks.

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