24,000 Games, From 1975 To 2012, Broken Down By Genre & Platform

These two charts turned up today, reportedly from a "recently scraped database of 24,000 video games to determine percentages of genre and platform releases since 1975".

My inner stats nerd just fainted.

Charts like this can tell you a lot about games and the changing way we enjoy them, and even allowing for the fact it might be built on iffy data, there seem to be enough general trends checking out that it makes for closer reading.

The "arcade" sections on both make for grim/sad reading.

I Love Charts [Tumblr]


    is there a way to break this down more, some sections can not be seen. is there a online version of this chart?

    ARCADE lasted 30+ years,wow

    its amazing to see the quite dramatic increase in Puzzle games from around the 2004 to 2012 mark... I'm assuming this is to do with the proliferation of smartphones and tablets which have created a very friendly environment for this sort of game.

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    What does the y-axis represent? It is clearly percentage, but of what? It could be sales, titles, revenue etc. Always label your graphs!

      It's an arbitrary metric for comparison between different genres, simply as a means of saying, x genre is twice as popular as y genre.

      Also because each field is stacked on top of all others, you cannot have an absolute scale for all of them on the same axis. But it isn't required in this case.

    Surprising how big of a chunk iOS actually is when it's compared to the rest.

    These charts are from this Reddit post:

    And this supplementary, easier to read chart was posted further down.

    Yes, but what hes saying is whats your metric for "popular" It is required and relevent. Always label your graphs.

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