A Gallery Of Truly Odd Erotic Game Images

Japanese erotic games (aka "eroge") often feature cute, curvy characters in evocative settings. So when you think of these computer games, you probably don't think of, oh, giant mecha, deadly katana, or evil villains.

Japanese site Kanasoku (NSFW) assembled screenshots of various eroge that, well, don't all look like eroge. (On Kanasoku, there are some eroge-esque titles, too.) Most of them are safe for work, save for one or two, and many of them look downright odd. Then, there's the guy who is humping a car.

For the curious: On the list, adult game maker Light seems to be well represented with titles like Dies irae -Also sprach Zarathustra- and Kajiri Kamui Kagura. You can find some of Light's unorthodox eroge from over the years on its official, yet NSFW site.

「え?これエロゲ?」ってなる画像貼っていきます [カナ速]


    Katawa Shoujo.

    I'll just leave this here.

      I see your Katawa Shoujo and raise you a Hatofel Boyfriend.

        I see both your Katawa Shoujo and Hatofel Boyfriend and go all in with 3 Sisters Story.

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