And Now I Need To See A Left 4 Dead 2-Themed Adventure Time Episode

I feel we haven't hit our weekly quota of Things Tina Likes, so here's a mash-up image of Adventure Time and Left 4 Dead 2, which, yes, I still play. In between Halo 4.

Adventure time meets Left 4 Dead [nissemann123456789 via Insanely Gaming]


    When I first saw the thumbnail out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was Ronald, Grimace, the Hamburglar and the duck.
    Think about THAT Left4Dead mixup.

    Adventure Time is the biggest hyped up heap of shite on T.V. It's their to entertain kids with short attention spans while the poor parents get some piece and rest.

      Ouch. I'm 32, and I enjoy the show.

        I'm 17 and thoroughly enjoy the show, guess some people view it differently. But a lot of the humour is orientated towards adults.

          I'm 20. I've been a massive cartoon fan since rewatching my Tom And Jerry VHS over and over again.

          Adventure Time brings back the charm, mystery and dare i say, adventure back into animation. And just like how the Muppets had alot of humor that was geared towards adults that would have flown over our heads, Adventure Time appeals to everyone, and its just so MATHEMATICAL!

            I'm 34, and this show gets heavily cut for Australian audiences so it will appeal more to children. But I can assure you this show is not just made for the kiddies folks.
            On tier 5 you get to touch her horn for the very first time, on tier 7, she will show you every insides of her 6 stomachs.

            What's on tier 15?..


      I regularly watch Adventure Time with my housemates and friends, around the ages of 21/22.

      Huh. :)

      Yeah I love the show. It parodies a lot of pop culture, including a lot of role playing video game stuff.

      I'm 22 and I enjoy it. While it's not as great as, say, spongebob, it's still decent compared to a lot of the modern cartoons.

      PS: Your grammar is atrocious. I hope you were being ironic :/

    It's THERE to entertain people who enjoy it and give them some PEACE and rest. Maybe if they had a segment that taught the audience how to spell in context it would be right up your alley. Most of the jokes probably fly right over your head. Idiot.

    It watch it ALOT aswell, and im 28.
    Its amazingly creative and has alot of hidden references and jokes only adults would get.

    Also its super freaking funny.

    "OM MY GLOB!"

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