Avengers Initiative Now Available On Android With Extra Tegra 3 Sexiness

Marvel's Infinity Blade take on the Avengers finally smashes its way onto Google Play, but not every Android device is created equal. Is yours on the list?

If you're on a Tegra 3-powered device then you're more than good. The game has been optimised for the powerful platform, with exclusive battle effects that accurately model the effects of being punched repeatedly by the Incredible Hulk.

And if you're not on a Tegra 3 device, pay attention to the following list. It's a bit small.

AVAILABLE NOW FOR THE FOLLOWING ANDROID DEVICES HTC One X HTC Evo 4g HTC Incredible 4g LG G2x LG Nitro HD Motorola Droid 3 Motorola Atrix 4g Motorola Photon Q 4g Samsung Galaxy Nexus Samsung Galaxy SII Samsung Galaxy SIII Samsung Galaxy Note Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Samsung Droid Charge Asus Nexus 7 Asus Transformer Prime Asus Transformer

If you are fortunate enough to own a device that will run it, Avengers Initiative can be yours right now for the introductory price of $4.99.


    I don't know about anyone else but those screenshots look better on the non-tegra3 devices

      Thought the same thing. The tegra3 shots just look messy

      They are damage effects, so once your character takes enough damage it gets a nice touch of being damaged. Or do you want your characters to look healthy the whole time?

        In this case, healthy. By a long shot.

        I can see that they are meant to be damage effects, but they look awful, looks like someone just went nuts with the bump maps because they just learnt how to do it.

        There are plpenty of ways to show damage that are much much better looking than this, and probably less processor intensive.

      Exactly what I was thinking. That model might get damaged over time, but I'd rather beat the crap out of a well rendered character model than fight one that looks increasingly half assed as the battle goes on.

        I haven't seen the game running myself but this might be one of those cases where it's difficult to see the benefits from still screenshots.

    Is the game actually any good? Worth 5 bucks?

    It's a lie!
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (wifi only) and Play Store says it's not compatible.
    It's probably because Samsung STILL haven't released ICS for it in Australia (Just pretty much every other english speaking country).

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