Bring Me The Head Of Mass Effect's Mordin Solus

My Mordin died a rather pathetic and entirely unintentional death at the end of Mass Effect 2. Seeing as a little plaque on the Normandy is hardly a fitting tribute to a "man" of so many talents, I might look into this bust for a memorial instead.

Priced at $US40 and being sold from BioWare's store, it's not very big — it only stands eight inches tall — but for that price, you shouldn't be expecting something life-size.

Mordin Bust [BioWare]


    My Mordin sacrificed himself in a heroic death to save an entire race and to redeem himself while singing his favourite song and causing me to burst into tears.

    Blew my mind when some people said their Mordin survived ME3.

      Yep he sure can. You can talk him into not killing himself. Mordins part is one of the most branchable bits of the game, has like...5 or 6 different possibilities.

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