Buy Issue #7 Of The Hawkeye Comic And Help Victims Of Hurricane Sandy

Matt Fraction's one of the best comics writers out there now. And the gesture he's making with the upcoming Hawkeye #7 should just confirm that. The creator of Casanova and scribe behind Marvel's late, lamented Defenders comic will be contributing his entire pay cheque from the Avengers spin-off to relief efforts helping victims of last month's devastating superstorm.

Fraction talks about it over at the publisher's website and talks to MTV Geek about it as well.

I already buy and love this book. But even if you don't like great characters who live in Brooklyn and shoot arrows at Russian mobsters, you should plan on getting it anyway.


    Donate to the Red Cross and help victims of Hurricane Sandy.

      It's not right to be turning disaster relief into promotion of a product. I don't know what Fraction intended. But I would personally not like to be benefiting in anyway from this, which may be the case, but I'm sure the increase in brand approval will pull in more money in the future.

      Just donate the earnings from a normal volume than go out and do something else to raise money.

      Ok, well maybe I have the wrong idea. But it just has so much potential to become something other than charity, which it should be.

    Yeah, you have the wrong idea. Apart from the fact that Hawkeye doesn't need more brand approval,since it's pretty good already, the fact that Fraction is donating part (or all) of his paycheck doesn't potentially benefit anyone apart from Marvel in the future (and not Fraction himself).

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