Check Out 9 Minutes Of Elder Scrolls Online

The reaction to The Elder Scrolls Online has been mixed to say the least, will this new nine minute video, recently released by Bethesda, change your mind? I'll be interested to see. Why don't you watch it and find out.

The video intersperses new footage from the game itself with some developer insight, discussing combat, groups, level 50 content and multiple other aspects of the game.

I dunno... it still doesn't really feel like an Elder Scrolls game to me...

Via Eurogamer


    I shall be blunt, Looks like a stock slandered MMORPG.
    Not necessarily a bad thing but It does not give off the Elder Scrolls theme.

    Hey' I'd play it, looks bad-ass to me :).
    As long as they don't overcharge you for an account or is free to play online

    Aw man, I play the Elder Scrolls games becasue they aren't online! Pass.

    Hey its got Matt Firor as game director, can't loose. DAOC was awesome.

    It's like Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars 2 had a lovechild that looks like Elle MacPherson. All they need to say is "No Subs" and I'l be a very happy non-panda.

    I've always noticed that a lot of MMOs look kind of cartoony? WoW, SWTOR and this all have... something a little odd. Particularly with the characters and their animations. Is this just to be less demanding on hardware?

      I've always understood it as a combination of less stress on hardware and giving the game graphics a better chance at aging well. Most people were still calling WoW a pretty game years after release (and it kinda still was). Had they tried making it less cartoony, I don't think this would have happened.

        Oh yeah, great point - it absolutely does you're right. I've only played a few hours of WoW at the start of this year and it was far from looking however old it is. I suppose this is why such emphasis is placed on the art style.

        Wow did improved their graphic since release I think every expansion with a higher graphical setting. It looks much better now

    I hate it when developers dwell on basic aspects of MMOs during these early videos. The mega server concept and non-competitive grouping are great and all but they're really pretty unimportant right now. We don't really need to be told '[whatever franchise] Online' is going to be about bringing players together. It's like getting side tracked going all philosophical on Need Before Greed loot systems.
    I don't need to know that my character is going to be customisable or that the world is going to be immersive. How classes and character building will work is interesting and I really do love discussing features and design philosophy but with all the questions being asked this stuff falls to the side of the road.

    What I really want from the Elder Scrolls Online team is for someone to sit down and say 'ok, this is how the combat system works' and go into proper detail. Almost like a tutorial/breakdown of some solo play, then some group play in various roles. Highlighting what you do to make the combat we're seeing in this video happen. That's what's going to make or break this game for me and right now it feels like they saw the backlash from the initial releases and then just tried to slap a Tera-like system over top of a stock standard MMORPG rotation pounder system.
    I really want to know if this will play anything like Skyrim or Oblivion. I'm hoping they prove me wrong but right now it doesn't look like Elder Scrolls gameplay.

    They need a combat system like the one in chivalry

    I think it looks great. I'm genuinely interested now.

    I really want to know how the levelling system will work. I don't imagine they will use the same system in other ES games. Will they just be going the standard MMO levelling route?

    So i take it evolution or even scientific advancement doesn't exist in the world of Elder Scrolls. 1000 years before Skyrim and they still have the same building and Weapons!!!!!

      The impressin I've had is that their technology doesn't really advance but the level of magical sophistication rises and falls over the centuries. Being set 1000 years earlier my first question is if we can see the dwarven civilization before it disappeared?

    meh, MMO's are dead to me. I've played enough to eventually realise they're all the same. To go massive (In world scale and length of time MMO's try to keep players) detail is always sacrificed.

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