For The Horde: She Plays World Of Warcraft And She Won Her State Senate Race

For The Horde: She Plays World Of Warcraft And She Won Her State Senate Race

She plays as an Orc, characters who are arguably the bad guys of the World of Warcraft universe. But last night, Colleen Lachowicz — the Democratic candidate whose activity in World of Warcraft was the subject of a Republican smear campaign — won an election that levelled up her political career.

Last month, the Maine Republican Party set up a website alleging that Colleen Lachowicz wasn’t fit to be a state senator because she plays World of Warcraft. In response, the candidate fired back at her opposition, saying that her gaming habits make her just like millions of other Americans. It looks like she turned out to be right.

According to the Bangor Daily News, Lachowicz outperformed Republican opponent Thomas Martin by 1900 votes in her home district of Waterville. The buzz generated by the political attacks rallied gamers to her cause and helped Lachowicz’s fund-raising efforts. Gaming isn’t a passion that aligns along party lines, but the victorious candidate offered up the following shout-out on her campaign’s Facebook page.


+10 XP to you, Senator Lachowicz.


  • “She plays as an Orc, characters who are arguably the bad guys of the World of Warcraft universe” Nope. Read up on your Warcraft lore, Evan. The Horde were always portrayed as the good guys whilst The Alliance were the bad guys came in trashed the place, kicked the Horde out etc.. So naturally they’re pissed & want revenge on The Alliance.

    • @virus

      Teeeeeechnically……the Alliance weren’t necessarily the bad guys, they were protecting themselves from the Orcs, who invaded Azeroth in the first place, butcheringthe populace in the area surrounding Stormwind and razing the city. The intro to Warcraft II is placed in the aftermath of this where refugees of Azeroth fled to Lordearon, with the Horde in hot pursuit.

      What it explained further into the Lore is that they were controlled through a third party and used for their bidding, once the orcs were defeated again and Outland torn apart, the remining orcs started to seek a new homeland (see Thrall).

      However, the Alliance, not completely knowing much about this manipulation decided to imprison the Orcs for the safety of the Alliance and committing acts of revenge for what the Orcs committed (while they were under influence)

      TLDR: Orcs are realtively good but were controlled to do evil, Alliance were defending themselves and committed atrocities in the process (internment camps etc). While some parties accept the Orcs more peaceful nature, many still distrust them due to what they did in WCI & II, hence the animosity towards the Horde.

      • So really it’s a catch 22 =P

        I’ll be honest I just know what I know from my mates who love the Warcraft franchise, including WoW. So i’m just repeating what they have told me, even though I do play WoW, i’ve never really gotten into the lore of it all.

  • Yeah its not really a good vs bad in warcraft. Its just different factions that have been at war for a long time.

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