Grand Theft Auto V Has Three Protagonists

Grand Theft Auto V will star three protagonists. Here they are.

This comes courtesy the cover of Game Informer, which you can see in its entirety here:


    Finally, I can play as balding man. I have been sidelined by developers for too long. Bald people are at best absent and at worst, presented as the bad guy.

    Thank you RockStar for breaking down walls and creating a more inclusive gaming experience.


        Hopefully there's a plot thread where you hire someone to work with you and you later find out they were wearing a toupee for the interview.

      Mission One: Bald Asshole? That's A Hate Crime.

      Max Payne?

        Good point. RockStar really cares about the bald community.

          Bald Max Payne is a role model for all of us preparing to be bald, overweight alcoholics.
          I’m fully expecting to be able to slow time and take bullets to the chest by the time I’m 35.

      Everyone forgets poor old Lynch.

        I'd put him under mediocre bad guy protagonist.

      Max Payne?
      Edit: beaten to it.

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      Sorry to burst your bubble but this is GTA so you are a bad guy.

    hrmm i still thinks that Rockstar still need to make an asian protagonists
    something to do with the yakuza or triad ? common
    saw china town on the psp but need something on the ps3

      Like you said they've already done this in Chinatown Wars..

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      There is already sleeping dogs and I doubt rock* could do a better job than that.

    I was kind of hoping for one of them to be a female main protagonist, but this looks pretty cool as well! I'd love it to have 3 completely separate stories that intertwine throughout the game.

    Because it frigging matters who you play as.

      I might be in a minority, but I actually really enjoy the stories and characters in a good GTA game (Vice City, San Andreas best examples).

      I much prefer playing as a character with a back story and a strong, grounded personality, rather than playing as just a floating gun like all those boring generic FPS.

      For some games, yes it does matter, because without that character story, personality, etc the game is missing something.

        Thats why i liked GTAIV so much, the characters were strong and were full of personality. The story was okay but I loved playing as Niko. Same thing as CJ (i think it was CJ, been a while) from San Andreas.


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      I will only accept Taxis as fast travel options. If it's like oblivion/ thanks.

    They better create checkpoints mid-mission or I will be extremely pissed.

      For now the only missions are the ones were you sit in the car for a hour as you or the ai drive to the location then do the mission, they are the worst to repeat but quite funny the second time when you are driving like a complete psycho to get their really fast, doing shortcut jumps and everything.

    Glad to see they've covered off the broad spectrum of genders

      If the spectrum is organized crime I would say it's pretty accurate.

    Am I the only one who looked at it and thought Tommy, CJ and Claude (that was III's guy right?)

      Yeah Claude was the protagonist from III, though he never was officially named by Rockstar lol.

      Yeah there was a picture going around somewhere with comparison shots. Info said they are trying to cater to different personalities/playstyles--as in some people like to play reckless characters such as vercetti, or a more street oriented gangster (CJ) and what looks to be the more calculating and calm character (the older, more sharper looking dude in the artwork) which I will probably lean towards as he sounds a lot like De Neiros character from 'Heat' and that movie is amazing. So the fact you can switch them on the fly suggests they don't want to restrict people. I'm paraphrasing off memory but there was a part where they explained the obvious disconnect of playing Niko where it didn't suit the character to go blow a bunch of people up (theres a reckless character here that seems very much oriented to do just that). Of course most people won't give a shit either way but this level of attention is why I love these games.

        Tommy Vercetti, such an amazing character. I would love for them to bring him back in a future GTA.

          Agreed, was a great character -- "No, I just wanted to piss you off before I killed you"

    Because there are not and never have been females involved in organised crime.

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