Fine Art: Fantastic Grand Theft Auto V Art Brightens Up Your Morning

Over the weekend, Rockstar collected every piece of promotional art so far made available for Grand Theft Auto V, cleaned them up, made sure each had a nice big background behind them then then scaled them to wallpaper size.

Some feature the game's main protagonists, some don't. Some give us a good look at locations that will be in the game, some don't. What they all have in common, though, is that like pretty much everything else that comes out of a Rockstar game on the creative side of things, the art here is incredible.

Fine Art is a celebration of the work of video game artists, showcasing the best of both their professional and personal portfolios.


    Absolutely beautiful. I'm looking forward to some more gameplay footage, and I'm very happy to see a more sandbox style game. GTA 4 was good, but I missed the country side. Just Cause 2 scratched that itch, but GTA 5 looks to be perfect in that regard.

    Looks dope. I see some sorta celebrity likenesses going on...
    Guy in the suit kinda looks like ray liotta
    psycho guy looks a bit like billy bob
    black guy looks like a young john amos
    girl cop is a slightly like michelle rodriguez

    San Andreas licence plate!
    Man, hope they have the Las Vegas and San Francisco knockoff cities too!

      Unfortunately rockstar said that gta v will not contain the las Vegas and San Francisco but hopefully there will be something else to replace it

    Is the logo on the phone held by bikini girl an apple with an Android/Sth Park Canadian head?

      Nope, looks like a bowl of fruit. 2 apples and/or oranges with a banana on top, probably.
      Under her finger it says "ifruit".

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