Has Nintendo Just Squandered It's Pink 3DS XL Trump Card?

Pink versions of handheld consoles are like trump cards, or secret weapons. You know they're coming, you just don't know when. You have to time it correctly. Do you wait until unit sales are waning, or do you hit strong when going is good? Pink handhelds. Serious business.

With that thought in mind, I can't help but think Nintendo has used the pink trump card at a weird time, in a really weird manner. Because yes, Nintendo has unleashed the first pink 3DS XL. But instead of a global release, the release is US only. And instead of releasing it at retail, it has decided to go through an online shopping network I've never heard of.

In addition: the pink 3DS XL is a limited edition, with a limited amount of units on sale for a limited amount of time.

I don't know — maybe it's a stroke of genius — a smooth marketing move that broadens the 3DS XL to a different market.

Oh what do I know? I'm just a smelly boy who like blue things.

Thanks Polygon!


    They've been out for awhile: http://www.play-asia.com/Nintendo_3DS_LL_Pink_x_White/paOS-13-71-9h-49-en-70-5c0d.html

    I hate to be pedantic, but its*.

    There's a lot of interesting consumer psychology about designs and colours, I do think it's slightly surprising that they've gone for a limited release instead of offering it as a mainstream colour choice in retail stores.

      Don't feel bad Aidan, I only clicked on the article to comment on "it's" too :P

      Spealing es heard u guis.

    I may be a little slow but what's wrong with "it's"?

    Sorry, I got my possessive and stuff mixed up. Its

    My Wife Wants a Pink 3DS XL. I hope it comes out in Australia.

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