Israeli Defence Force Makes A Game

To help spin the good spin in its current stoush with Hamas, the Israeli Defence Force has launched a program called IDF Ranks. It's essentially a game about being a mouthpiece for the Israeli Defence Force.

It's aimed at young internet users, both inside Israel but especially internationally, who are told that by signing up they'll be joining "the ultimate virtual army", and be rewarded with promotions and medals for jumping on social media and spreading the good word about... well, war.

Enlisting the common man to do your dirty work is a trick as old as war itself, but this kind of candy-coloured "gamification" is certainly new. Regardless on your thoughts on the conflict at large, I'd hope most people could see the problems, or at least poor taste, in making a game out of "spreading the truth" about one side's role in a war in which real people are dying.

IDF Ranks [IDF, via Game Politics]


    Politics aside, its pretty interesting to see gaming outreach from parties that obviously feel their message isn't being heard. It's an upward development from simple social media use.

    Also, just as a side note, how would you reconcile this sort of game (as bad taste) with CoD, or Battlefield Vietnam? Does temporal proximity increase the distastefulness of the gamification of conflicts? The arguement just doesn't seem consistent.

      I think they considered to be in bad taste because you are essentially 'rewarded' for when real world causalities occur. In contrast of spreading the word because you think it's right thing to do.

      Leaving aside notion of using gamification to spread propaganda which i believe is the main reason its in bad taste...

      I take it you've never heard the saying "comedy = tragedy plus time?"
      Or maybe the other shorter saying... "too soon"

      Basing it on a current war and trying to recruit people subversively is probably the reason why this one seems more politically incorrect than one based on a war fought 60 years ago. But I see your point.

    Do we get extra points for killing children, ahemm, I meant "junior terrorists"?

      You have it the wrong way around.... Half the size, half the points.

    When they're launching rockets out of schools they're putting their children at risk in the hope that when Israel retaliates then children will die. It's sick

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