Japan's Most Talented Pro-Gamer Is Now Appearing In A Japanese Manga

As far as Street Fighter players go, they don't get much bigger than Daigo Umehara. He has an endorsement with peripheral maker MadCatz, and he even authored a book. But it doesn't stop there. He recently popped up in a Japanese manga.

But not any manga! According to this Japanese blog, Umehara is appearing in Kindai Manhong (近代麻雀), a Japanese manga centred around mahjong. The manga with Umehara is titled "Umehara's Mahjong". Below, you can see the manga version of Umehara and what looks like Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono.

The manga tells the story of when Daigo Umehara once had his eye on becoming a mahjong pro — a mahjong pro who apparently wore MadCatz t-shirts.

近代麻雀オリジナル 12月号を買ってみた [世紀末麻雀ブログ-じゃんキチ!]


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