Just in Case You Thought Doom Needed to be Even More Brutal

The original Doom was a pretty violent game, lots of blood and guts flying around, but boy, it looks like a Disney movie compared to BRUTAL DOOM.

A neat mod first released earlier in the year, it ramps up the gore, it beefs up the weapons and is, in short, BRUTAL.

Don’t watch if there are little ones around. You can grab the mod here.

Brutal Doom [ModDB, via PC Gamer]


    I can't see a link, but my computer is broken as hell. Just my end?

    holy hell that looks awesome.
    Fix the links!

    Well, brutal by name brutal by nature! I'll be getting THIS!

    Had this mod for a while now, really awesome.

    Brutal Doom or "Broom" (as i like to call it) has totally swept me away

    I love Brutal Doom, nothing like kicking an Imp in the face .:)
    Also cool - Wolfram. A Wolf3D remake, so pretty.

    I prefer the War trailer. Brutal Doom is the only way to play Doom now.

    I love the part where there's gore.

    Oh man that is awesome!

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