More Than 144,000 People Now Own Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection 2 came out last week and the folks who made it have created this neat infographic to show off the performance of their new real-time-strategy/first-person-shooter hybrid.

Notably: between pre-orders and sales, more than 144,000 people now own the game. Not bad for an indie made by a studio of seven full-time staff.

Click the image above to expand the whole chart.


    This game really is incredible. Everyone should be playing.

      I don't know what it is, but for some reason to "ME" it feels like a cheap version of savage.

        Isnt savage came after the first NS?

        I remembered savage tho, was fun but didnt fly off well...pity

        I don't feel like it's a ripoff of savage, but I definitely agree on the 'cheap' front - I was a huge fan of NS1, but when Flayra announced that they were going to release their own engine, I feared that they'd suffer for it.

        Generally, I think my fears were justified - outside of the actual game, the user experience is horrible; the general menu system, the server browser, the friend system, it's quite offputting to a guy who just wants to play a few games with friends.

        I will say, though, that I appreciate the FPS counter and real scene rendering in the graphics settings menu. Very handy for testing things out.

    There is an agitated ground shake under westminster abbey.

    I think the uptake in Australia is fairly impressive \o/

    The game is great i'm glad it is doing well for them.

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