Transform Into A Giant, Alien Rhino And Maul Marines In Natural Selection 2

Transform Into A Giant, Alien Rhino And Maul Marines In Natural Selection 2

That rhino is better known in-game as an “onos”. In the original Natural Selection mod, if the aliens ever managed to get one of these guys up and running, it was basically game over for the marines. Going by this clip, it looks like it’ll be the same deal in the sequel.

This clip is the latest showing of Unknown Worlds’ follow-up to the Half-Life mod Natural Selection. If you’ve played the original before, then a lot of the content in this clip will look familiar, except with the modern touches provided by the Source engine [Correction: It’s actually a custom engine — thanks Notoobly]. You’ll also know that becoming an onos is not an immediate process — you have to start out as a baby video camera with teeth strapped to its lens first.

I would have liked to have seen more from the commander’s point of view, but it probably doesn’t make for exciting footage. If the current release window of late winter is to be believed, hopefully we’ll see some of this gameplay shortly.

Docking Reveal [YouTube, via RPS]


  • Logan – I’m fairly certain I read that they started working with the Source engine, but decided to build a proprietary engine early in the development cycle for a number of reasons?

    Regardless, can’t wait for this to be officially released!

  • Pre-purchased it, game is amazing. AvP meets StarCraft. Feels such a weird blend, you really do need a good Commander to igve you direction.

  • Glad to see this finally get some media coverage,

    Ive been in the beta for months and months and was wondering when it would finally get released
    given the media coverage spike im guessing they will announce something soon

  • If Onos’ can’t climb ladders and fit into ventilation ducts half their width and height I will be a very happy marine indeed. *Shudders from the memories of relentless Onos chases in NS*

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