Would I Rather Command Marines In Natural Selection 2 Or Bite Them In Half? Hmmm.

Wow, did Charlie Cleveland ever surprise me at PAX East. I don't know the guy, and I didn't pay much attention to the game his studio was showing off at the big show in Boston. Not at first.

Charlie's game looked, at first glance, like just another team-based shooter.

I walked by a row of PCs running the game and nothing caught my eye. Later on, I was walking past the other side of Charlie's booth. That's when I saw the teeth. That's when I saw what looked like a first-person shooter, except the player wasn't looking down the barrel of a gun but through the jaws of a monster.

This is Natural Selection 2, a shooter, a brawler and a real-time-strategy game. It's awesome.

Cleveland's small studio, Unknown Worlds, has been working on Natural Selection 2 for a couple of years and will be releasing it this summer on Steam.

If you play as a Marine, you're playing a first-person shooter.

If you play as a monter, your'e chomping through Marines or buzzing over them as some sort of flying critter that streams spores.

BUT! You can also play the game as a Marine or an alien commander, seeing the game overhead, doling out resources

Pre-order the game at NaturalSelection2.com.


    So great to see this wonderful game getting some more attention. NS1 was the best fun Ive ever had in a Multiplayer game.

    'If you play as a monter" Typo! :)

    Played the hell out of NS1, was a damn fine game. Have had access to NS2 since alpha and have watched it grow and it looks damn goooooooood. Looking forward to spending countless hours on this one.

    Man, Natural Selection. I had so many good memories of that game. So glad to see the sequal is almost out when actually have the means to buy it.

    Awesome, been waiting ages for this.

    I'm going to pre-order this game as soon as i can :D

      you can preorder now! check the website

    Spam Eject Commander!!

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