Off Topic: Mobile Phones, What Do You Have, What Plans?

When it comes to mobile phones I've been pretty consistent: some type of iPhone, on Telstra. Seemed pretty simple to me. But I'm starting to see some cracks — my iPhone 4S is starting to look a little dated and I'm not sold on the 5. As for Telstra? Well, the service is decent, but it's bloody expensive. What are you guys and girls packing?


    Im cheap lol live connected with a Xperia s

    HTC One XL mate. Telstra phone, 4G network.

    Best smartphone on the market ;)

      Yeah I'm using a HTC One XL on Telstra for $64 per month.
      Works well but the battery is weak (lasts a working day with moderate usage).

        Had a One XL was great for frying eggs, but I don't want something that is good for cooking, I want a phone. So I got Razr HD on $60 EDC, haven't looked back.

        Sold my One XL a couple of weeks back for $300, good deal for who ever bought it I guess.

          Cooking eggs? Right. Guessing you wrapped it in a rubber phone protector too. Genius. Or it sounds like you had a dud. I know 3 other people with this phone and haven't had any problems.

          Also, 4G data connection chews more juice than your regular 3G network connection. Use a button widget to turn your mobile data off when you're not using it. My phone battery lasts two days that way.

    HTC Desire HD, $20 / month iiNet plan (Optus network)

      I'm at about 18 months of a 24 month contract with Crazy Johns with the Desire HD.
      Does yours have strange connection issues, and random freezing?

    iPhone 4S on Telstra plan, but not upgrading or changing till it dies

    I am with Telstra

    I just buy credit, I have a Nokia Lumia 800 after my HTC HD7 took a bath in the toilet *It still works after submerging it in dry rice*

    "Late Novemeber" I am looking to get a Nokia Lumia 920 on a plan with Telstra

    Patiently waiting for the 32Gb S3 LTE.
    On a TPG Mobile plan. $18pm ($550 calls / 1.5Gb data).

    Just about up on my $29/m Vodafone cap with a HTC Legend.

    About to buy a Nexus 4 outright and grab the $11/m prepaid with Vaya.

    You get what you pay for with the Aussie telcos. Optus and Vodafone are cheaper, sure, but their coverage is far inferior to Telstra's. And honestly Telstra's been pretty competitive with it's plan pricing lately. I'm willing to pay a little bit extra for a service I know is the best available.

    I'm currently using an Xperia Play on Telstra and am very happy with it.

    In Tasmania particularly Telstra is the only one with decent coverage, Optus is woeful

    Currently using an iPhone 4 which has survived surprisingly well considering how often I drop it. But I'm getting a bit tired of Apple. Thinking of getting a Nokia Lumina 920. Sadly Virgin doesn't carry them so I'll have to fork out for an unlocked one.

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    Just switched from Optus (where I had literally no service in my own home) to Telstra. Got myself an iPhone 5 cos I didn't want to wait for wp8 and I've already got about $100 worth of iOS apps. Not sure if I regret my decision or not yet

    samsung galaxy note, $39/month amaysim unlimited

    optus network, so it works fine in melbourne. but went up to brisbane the other week, horrible coverage there. basically became unusable.

    Previous Optus customer and now with Telstra. I was paying a premium for my iPhone 4 and wasn't getting the coverage and speed I wanted. The black spots for the commute to work was tedious many times especially the peak ride home.
    So, I went with the provider that works best and I have never looked back.

    I've got a Nokia Lumia 800 on Optus.

    The OS shits me to tears due to its limitations, the XboxLive store is overpriced and most games play poorly. The 800 is also one of the select few Nokia's which cannot be upgraded to Windows 8.
    Optus is fine - no real issues. I get free calls/txt to my GF so thats handy

    HTC Sensation XE on the Live Connected $12/month plan.

    Samsung Galaxy S3 32Gb (3G version, not 4G). Had it a few months, absolutely love it so far. They can be had (relatively) dirt cheap, too - you can get a 32Gb blue one from Kogan for $519, which is a damn good price for the amount of phone you're getting, especially compared to the pricetag of the roughly-equivalent performing iPhone 5.

    I bought my phone outright then went on a SIM only plan with 3. I pay about $20 a month, but that's just on a month-by-month basis, not a long term contract. Can't remember exactly what I get in terms of calls, data, etc on that, but I've never hit the limit, whatever it is. There is a bit of a discount applied to that which I was able to haggle when I went into the 3 store, so whoever you go with, definitely ask them if they can do better rather than just accept the standard advertised prices.

    Galaxy S on Optus (Virgin).

    I find myself using my tablet for more and more stuff that I used to do on the phone, so all the bells and whistles are becoming a lot less important. Phone is pretty much for talk/text, weather app, maps app and run tracker app these days.

    I don't know what it's called but I have the CHEAPEST phone - some $40 Nokia thing....
    I spend $10 a month which gives me 70 texts and that is legit all I use all month.
    Don't works for me

      *stares with my judging eyes*

    Have a HTC Mozart 7 on an Optus $49 iPhone plan which has probably been grandfathered by now. Waiting for the situation to stabilize around the Windows 8 phones and then will get a new one toward December or so, as this current handset is barely adequate (would prefer something larger b/c I have fat fingers, and also need better battery life). Undecided still between the HTC 8X and the Lumia 920.

    Htc one x - prepaid Vodafone 30 cap
    Might jump into Redbull 180 plan for 6 months to try. Thoughts on red bull?

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus - $79 cap, Telstra.

    I have some Nokia phone so old it has a four colour screen and no text predict. On a $15 Telstra plan (with $5 rebate each month for loyalty), so am paying $10 per month.

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    iPhone 4, $20 cap plan from iiNet. I'd perhaps consider an iPhone 5 but I don't want iOS 6. Soooo maybe a Galaxy something might suit me. I'd need to get an iPad though so I don't lose my app investment.

    First world problems. :S

    At the moment, Im using an age old Nokia 6210C whilst my iPhone gets repaired, once it is returned I'll be selling it to fund my purchase of the Lumia 920. Contract wise, I'm currently out of contract on Optus $59 cap, waiting for the Lumia to drop/money to be had before looking at either continuing with my current plan (I get free calls to my partner) or dropping Optus, going to Telstra for the subsidized 920 and loosing the free calls.

    My life is so hard...

    I have a LG optimus its a $30/month plan I only use the phone to receive calls/SMS or make important calls.

    Edit: Optus plan.

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