PlayStation: The Official Magazine Is Shutting Down In The US

Magazine publisher Future US will end circulation of PlayStation: The Official Magazine this year.

As first reported by Game Informer, PTOM will shut its doors alongside Nintendo Power this holiday.

"Future US can confirm it will end production of PlayStation: The Official Magazine with the last issue slated for the Holiday 2012 issue," a Future representative confirmed to us this afternoon.

It has certainly not been a great year for print magazines, although I guess it's an OK year for trees. Bummer to hear about P:TOM, and best of luck to all of the staff and freelancers affected by this news.


    Bummer. OPSM back in the day was my Nintendo Power.

    'Official' magazines don't offer anything more than you can get online. So this is not really an surprise.

    Not surprising for me since it became harder to acquire where I live about a year ago.

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