90s Magazine Cover Sure Was Grim

90s Magazine Cover Sure Was Grim

With the PlayStation 2 on the way, the April 1999 issue of France's Player One magazine had some ideas on the future of Mario and Sonic.

Bleak, yes, even if it also ended up being half-right...

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90s Magazine Cover Sure Was Grim


    jesus... is this meant to be a "playstation 2 will be the death of Nintendo and Sega" thing? I can't read the cover haha.

    That's a bit dark.

    Last edited 10/11/14 4:35 pm

      Pretty close, judging by Google Translate. It is something like "Playstation 2000 the killer? All you need to know."

    Alternative article title - "What click bait looked like in the 90s"

      or "How to create a blog post in under 3 minutes ..."

    Did Patcher make this cover?

    Last edited 10/11/14 5:45 pm

    Not as bad as mario snipping up sonic with scissors in Gamer magazine back when the mega drive lost.

    no blood but that cheesy cheesy nintendo smile.

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