Scenes Of Black Friday Video Game Shopping Madness

Scenes of people shopping for video games on Black Friday don't resemble shopping as much as they resemble feeding frenzies. Why they do it like this is beyond me.

This kind of thing is a great argument for downloading games or at least ordering them online.

There's a lady on the ground. She's OK, so the shopping continues.

There are tons of videos like this on YouTube. This isn't one store's approach.

It's how these stores sell older and/or discounted games to kick off their holiday sales. (Turn your volume down for this one.)

Hopefully someone got something good. Otherwise, what's the point? (Turn your volume down for this one.)


    Think I'll stick to the cheaper prices and lack of idiots that I get with Steam and other online sales.

    The title for the new Amnesia game suddenly makes a lot more sense.

    This is NSFW. I think my kids have learned most of their swear words from Kotaku. Lift your game guys.

      1. Your kids shouldn't be browsing Kotaku at work.
      2. Since when was Kotaku a family games site?

        1. I'm looking at this at home. NSFW is a broad term that lets you know if a video is going to contain material that is inappropriate in a public.

        2. Since when is Kotaku an adult games site? The fact that they go to the effort of labelling a lot of their content as NSFW is an indication that they aim to create a site that differentiates between safe and explicit content. All I want is consistency, what's the point of only labelling some content? They may as well label none of the content and then I'll know that it's not a safe site to browse in front of children.

        Since you're not a parent you wouldn't understand. When you have kids this kind of thing becomes important. I was showing my kids these videos as a lesson in greed and to explain to them the dangers of letting consumerism get the better of you. I think kids can learn some pretty awesome lessons from gaming sites just as much as school. There's no reason gaming ites should automatically be unsafe for young eyes.

          I think you misinterpret the term NSFW, as it implys it is not suitable for you're employer to see. The term in not aimed and children otherwise it would be NSFC. Kotaku label the stuff NSFW in a hope you will avoid it at work and keep your job. (Good guy Kotaku. )

          You fail at the interwebs. Its not up to the site to parent your children but you, good luck with that.

            Respectfully, I'm sure most definitions for NSFW aren't limited solely to a workplace. I think you'll find it's a broader term.

            As a single father raising his son full time, I agree with this.

            I use my common sense. Your children aren't going to 'learn' swearwords from a website, and who gives a **** if they do. The more important part is teaching them how to handle it. The simple fact is the words are going to come into their lives. They play videogames? Sooner or later they're going to come across every swearword across the sun in games alone as the ratings increase. Teach them about the appropriateness of the words, rather than blasting a site about it. I get you're a responsible father, as am I, but put blame where blame deserves to be, on the idiots in the video, not on this website.

              Nicely said. And props for being a single dad, I have a lot of respect for single parents =D

              And for the record I think most people are just misunderstanding me, like I expect a website to raise my kids or I expect to shelter my kids from every swear word. I'm no idiot. I actually hold a certificate 3 in children's services too. My kids and I have already said all of the swear words I know. I sat with them one day and we said them all, just to remove any thrill or taboo attached to them.

              My original comment, the idea my kids have learned swearing from Kotaku, was 50/50 humour. I'm just trying to nudge Kotaku is all.

                Sounds like a very sensible approach to it all. I did the whole taboo removal thing with my boy as well. It's a brilliant coping mechanism, well done.

          Your definition of "NSFW" is different to Kotaku's. NSFW is usually used on articles with explicit sexual or violent content (i.e if the reader was found reading the article at work, and his boss monitors him and sees him reading something including strong sexual themes or with overly violent content, the reader could get reprimanded). Coarse language doesn't necessarily mean that the article is NSFW, unless the swearing is frequent and severe (explicit name-calling, the N word, the C word, several F words per sentence, et al.) I could barely hear any swearing over the shouts of hordes of psychotic shoppers in the videos above, so I don't think this article is NSFW.

          Also, if you are showing videos to your children, I recommend actually watching the video before showing them and using your discretion as to whether you want them to see it or not.

            I generally do screen stuff before showing vids to my boys, I would never just load up a YouTube video and press play in front of the kids. I'm just used to Kotaku labelling stuff as containing bad language but lately it's been really hit and miss and obviously I have to be mindful about browsing Kotaku around my kids. Which is unfortunate really. I know not all content on this site is automatically family friendly, after all it's about video games, and a lot of my favourite video games are pretty violent and coarse. Obviosuly Kotaku can run their site however they want, but truly good media and coverage that aims to be professional and broad reaching will make efforts to distinguish their content.

              Just browse reddit, usually people there mark their post pretty generously

              Also, "aims to be professional", you haven't seen plunkett's article lately? Hardly professional if i say so

    All the worst things about materialism and capitalism on show for one gloroius day.

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      Mn that's just wrong. A 34 year old employee was trampled to death. TO DEATH!? What is wrong with our world?

        Hey, dude, you gotta save 4 bucks on a blender somehow!

      On Black Friday 2012, two people were shot outside a Wal-Mart in Tallahasse during a dispute over a parking space.


    I'd rather buy one game at the inflated EB Games price than five for the same money in a sale like this.

    [edit for typo]

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      Agreed. This is just disgusting and depressing to watch.

    I can never understand this stuff. Are these sales even significantly cheaper than your average prices of things? If so, by how much? It would be nice to get some perspective on why people actually behave like this.

    lol that is crazy! is it really worth the trouble, just to get something cheap? I pre-ordered far cry 3 and assassin's creed 3 for $25 AU each a few weeks ago. Look online and you'll find better bargains

      Just the standed version or insane/freedom edition

        Pretty sure they got the standard editions of both on PC (I picked them up at that price as well).

        I got mine from VideoEZY but I believe Wow HD and EzyDVD had similar sale prices.

    Selfish idiotic Pigs. People DIE from this crap.

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