Sinister Director To Helm Deus Ex: Human Revolution Movie

The movie based on the third Deus Ex game, announced in Julay, now has a director: Deadline reports that it will be Scott Derrickson, the guy who directed... Sinister. And The Exorcism Of Emily Rose. I guess someone must have asked for this.


    Probably, you know, those many people who like potentially awesome scifi on screen? Great characters, great world, great movie potential. In the right hands Deus Ex could sit side by side with Blade Runner as brilliant cyberpunk noir.

    Someone piss in your cornflakes today Jason?

      He is an odd choice of director though. I assume that's what Mr Schreier is getting at.

      Looks like they've got the writer of Sinister, Robert Cargill involved too along with the producer of the Hitman movie. Their other producer, Roy Lee has some decent stuff on his resume including the Departed along with some dreck.

      There's a decent movie to be made out of Deus Ex, but I don't think the odds are particularly good that this'll be the team to do it. Who knows though, perhaps they'll surprise us all.

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        Maybe but he did achieve an amazing thing... he directed Hellraiser Inferno which managed to be oddly one of the better Hellraiser dtdvd sequels. It focused on character interaction and development more than any other Hellraiser ever did. It wasn't *brilliant* but it was pretty good. Ive seen most of his other works and he's a solid director. With these 3 movies being put into play finally, its nice to see Hollywood shifting around from remakes to games, we should start getting good game-movies in the end?

    I kinda hope they hire the voice actor from the game: Elias Toufexis

    Julay? was that before or after Smarch?

      With solid wordplay like that you're bound to make Jason totally Julay

    I thought the remake of Total Recall could have made a half decent Dues ex movie with a few plot changes :P Main character even looks similar.

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