South Korea's 'Too Sexy' MMO Is Heading West

Queen's Blade is a South Korean MMO. The motif is science fiction — and skimpy outfits. No wonder Japanese bulletin board 2ch is already calling it "too sexy" for the game's unabashed fan service.

This Queen's Blade is not to be confused with the Japanese Queen's Blade franchise. It's from Liveplex, the Korean studio behind Dragona Online and features epic player vs player combat that can reach up to 80 players versus 80 players.

The game is being localised for the West as Scarlet Blade and is going into closed beta.

Website MMOSite has loads of info about Queen's Blade (Scarlet Blade). In the above gallery, you can see the different classes as well as a play movie from the recent G-Star show in South Korea.

[G-Star 2012]Queens Blade [4Gamer]


    There is only one explanation as to how those outfits stay on: velcro nipples.

      Queens blade doesn't have enough boobs either... just saying.

    love the landing strip @ 1.38....

    Wait a minute... the Japanese are complaining about a sci-fi game called Queen's Blade being too fan service heavy? When they have a series of fan service heavy fantasy game books and anime also called Queen's Blade? Pot. Kettle. Black.

    catering to two of an asian interests; boobs and mecha.

    If they looked even half realistic.. then maybe.. just maybe..

    but these are clearly cartoon/anime style figures.. something Japan is already familiar with.

    Overreaction much, Japan?

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