The Lead Designer Of Guild Wars 2 Is Answering Your Questions Right Now

ArenaNet's massively multiplayer Guild Wars 2 has been out for a few months now, and many of us here at Kotaku really like the game. Like any MMO, its already changed quite a bit since launch, and ArenaNet has begun regularly adding new content, quests, and gear to extend the game's life well into the future.

There's so much to talk about, so much to play and see, that you just may have some questions. And hey, what do you know, Guild Wars 2 Lead Designer Isaiah Cartwright has volunteered to come by for an hour and answer anything you care to ask.

So, have at it: Ask him anything you like down in the comments. Cartwright will begin answering at 6PM Eastern time, and he'll keep going for about an hour.


    As much as I do love the game I still miss the typical raid scenarios that come with other mmos.. Any chance we will ever see massive instanced raid dungeons? Even ones that allow 2 parties as opposed to anything typical raid size. Also any chance of 2-3 man dungeon scenarios?

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    Any chance of at least gold or maybe even karma sharing across characters? So annoying having to put gold in the bank and then take it out on my alts.

    What really really irks me about GW and GW2 is that its a game that is played all over the globe but timed event are only ever published in local American time. With the changes to DST etc to both timezones on an ongoing basis mean you are never really quite sure *when* the event is going to start.

    How hard would it be to have a /event tag that would say XXX event due to start in XX hours and XX minutes.

    This would take the guess work out ever event (along with the numerous cat calls about where the mad king has arrive yet) and give the player some surerity as to know when the event is goingto occur.

    I've done a *facepalm* a number of times having just missed a event...

    Is there any particular reason why the monthly challenges are hidden until you *accidiently* start on a tier?

      they are not hidden. They use ?? when it hasn't been determined yet, or it actually can't be done yet. Like the halloween monthly that you literally cannot do until they actually put in the halloween update.

    I love my Norn ranger but i find that quite often i am at a disadvatage in WvWvW due to the way she lumbers arounds. Particularly in the fast ebb and flow of combat due to the fact the ranger class does not have any way of invoking a short speed burst like other classes can. This mean my intended target can simply run away from me or easily hunt me down. This forces me to remain on the periphery of the battle scene. Is there any way to increase ranger movement for tactical play?

      all races move at the same speed. Rangers also have a decent number of speed boosts e.g. the one from the warhorn. They also have gap closers like the one on the greatsword etc.

    How exactly are WvWvW honour badges awarded? I believe thay are awarded by "finishing" downed players? If so - doesn't this constitue a bias towards melle players who are at the site of the downed player and can "finished the job" for the reward even if they were not actively involved in bringing the player to the downed state?

      no need to finish anyone. As long as you did enough damage to that enemy player to be rewarded with exp when they die(regardless of who finished them off), then you get a chance at getting loot. And from the loot you get a chance of getting badges. That's why loot bags show up next to you when you're far from the enemy, like when using siege etc.

    you lot do realise that he's answering stuff on the NA version of Kotaku right?

      I dont have access to that from work - i'll have to check it later. - But thanks

    Why are tools souldbound and not account bound?
    It seems to be an unusual decision given that money can be easily transferred between alts.

    Sorry if i've asked too many questions. I love the work you guys are Anet have done, except timed jumping puzzes - ugh! I'm sure some people love them though. :)

    What happens if you are dead and don't have enough money to get yourself resurrected at a waypoint? Because if you log out dead you log back in at the same state...

    If you don't have enough money you can still resurrect at any waypoint, it just takes all the money you have left on you, or from the bank if you have any in there.

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