The Walking Dead Sure Was Emotional

I'm still coming down from the experience that was The Walking Dead. Without getting into spoiler territory, that was... quite the ending.

To help cope, I've been talking to other people about their experiences, many of which seem to be similar to my own.

And then Kirk goes and shows me The Walking Dead Game Confessions, a site collecting people's thoughts and recollections of the game.

I'm still wrapping my head around the Ben love — maybe I'm not a teenage girl and just don't get it — but the adorable fan art and arsehole confessions, that I can understand.

A kinda obvious warning: the site is FULL of spoilers.

The Walking Dead Confessions [Tumblr]


    I’m still wrapping my head around the Ben love — maybe I’m not a teenage girl and just don’t get it
    Hey I'm no teenage girl either but I ended up really liking him He wasn't a dead eye like Carly or natural born leader like Lee, he had almost no useful qualities and often endangered the group but he always meant well and only ever wanted to help. He felt real remorse for his mistakes and owned up to them even when he knew the possible consequences. He was a coward but when he confessed to Kenny he showed real bravery. He redeemed himself in my eyes and has become a favourite character of mine

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