The World's First Halo 4 Multiplayer Montage!

Alright, I'll admit it. I love Halo pro montages. I love watching constant headshots, constant battle rifle duels, brilliant time grenades — all the stuff you regularly see in the standard Halo montage? I will watch that. I think this might be the first Halo 4 montage on the web. The player is Tashi, the host of HaloGAF radio, and it's a pretty splendid piece of work.

I seriously can't wait for this game to come out. Looking forward to getting invested in Halo multiplayer again. It's the only game I come close to playing competitively online.


    Game looks fun but that music is irritating as hell.

      If the internet has taught me anything, you should just be thankful that it isn't this.

        Honestly I would rather listen to that. Plus I was listening to that before it got used for just about everything so it brings back find memories. Memories that are slightly tainted now but memories all the same.

    Is it just me or does it look just like Halo 3 but with more lighting effects in the sky?

      We're old men, we don't like change in our shooters!

    first vid i've watched for halo after the reach hype, seems like it's just reach with new guns...
    seems 343 are just doing the cod 1 a year thing now

      ^ Hahaha.... this guy.

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