You’d Be Forgiven For Thinking This Was a Valve Trailer

When Valve released the Source Filmmaker code earlier this year, it was accomplishing two things.

1) Put an amazingly flexible set of tools in the hands of amateur filmmakers, who could go on to produce some amazingly professional results.

2) The most professional of those videos could serve as the very best kind of free advertising any company could hope for.

Nothing exemplifies that better than this Left 4 Dead 2 clip by Zachariah Scott called Midnight Power, which is just about the best thing I’ve seen all week.



    Totally makes me think this would be a Quentin Tarantino movie.

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    It still seems a bit of a pity that Valve didn't or couldn't license Clutch for that section of the game. Their particular brand of bluesy rock fit so well in the original L4D2 trailer.

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    That video makes me want an 8 player coop left for dead.

      Ever play Helms Deep L4D2?

    Well, it's not amateur, as I know Zachariah Scott, who worked with Bioware as cinematic director. So, you can expect great things from him ^.^

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