Zelda Gets The Skrillex Treatment, And It's Surprisingly Great

Yeah, I know. Skrillex game channels The Legend of Zelda. Seems like it might be bad, or at least, haphazard. But as it turns out, Skrillex Quest, a new official browser game, is really pretty cool. It something less of a surprise considering that it comes from Jason Oda, the same guy who brought us that amazing Perfect Strangers game.

The setup is interesting: A golden NES cartridge has gotten a piece of dust in it, and as a result the game within has become corrupted and covered with glitches. You, the protagonist, must take your sword and fight through a series of rooms in an effort to defeat the glitches inside the game. All the while, Skrillex music plays.

The whole thing comes together well: the glitches are chaotic and colourful, and the music and cued sound effects work. I can't believe I'm saying this, but this promotional browser-based Skrillex game is totally worth your time.

Skrillexquest [Official Page, thanks Jason!]


    I was with it up until the point where it mentions Skrillex. No sale.

      So the 4th word of the headline, then? :P

        Pretty much. My body is fitted with an anti-Skrillex device that shuts down upon mention of his name.

    Well I guess as a visual representation of Skrillex, that was fairly accurate.

    My eyes hurt.

    As a fan of both video games and Skrillex, I find this particular post on Kotaku quite relevant to my interests!

    It's not really a game, but it makes for a very cool, interactive advertisement/music video.

    This was very well done, surprised what they can do in Flash nowdays. Kind of had a Sword & Sworcery vibe to it

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