Backhanded Box Quotes: ‘Very Very Videogame’

Backhanded Box Quotes: ‘Very Very Videogame’

Welcome back to “Backhanded Box Quotes,” a collection of measured, thoughtful criticism from the user reviews of Metacritic.

Far Cry 3 is pulling down a Metacritic 90. The Walking Dead just re-released for retail and was the Video Game Awards’ game of the year. Clearly, video gaming has saved its best for last. So have those who hate these two tours de force.

Far Cry 3

Released: December 4.

Critic: Q8ezy (Metacritic)
Very very video game. No challenge, you end up god like before long. Quests are repetative. Story is terribad. Although if you really like Assassins creed 3, you’ll probably like this game too.
Score: 3

Critic: sean25 (Metacritic)
I can at-least be satisfied in that this game is going to bring the community one step closer to noticing the clear capitalistic motives of main stream developers that trump any motivation to create an original, good, game, and one step closer to relying on the indie developers that are creating today’s innovative games. Now allow me to step off my soap-box.”
“P.S If you’re a 12 year-old console COD fanboy, do us true gamers a favour, and put your parents money toward something of quality (like meth, or cyanide), and stop ruining this industry.
Score: 2

Critic: Violent (Metacritic)
“All in all a really crappy game. It gets 2 because the voiceacting was better than average”
Score: 2

Critic: wdb (Metacritic)
“wtf. this game sucks right out of the box. what was ubisoft thinking? all they had to do was take farcry2 and add some new maps and story lines. wheres the system link? what about those of us who don’t have high speed internet?”
Score: 2

Critic: Shinigurai (Metacritic)
“It’s like this game was play-tested, but never fun-tested”
Score: 4

Critic: vanomasenglish (Metacritic)
“textures **** polygon count **** story **** low budget game, no money pay for this bored **** Iam dont know what yet write because i play only 20 minutes in this **** and deleted this after this.”
Score: 0

The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series

Critic: X-Fushion (Metacritic)

[Editor’s Note: Run-on sentence incoming.]

“The most overrated game I have seen In my life, tell me what is the most important thing in a video game, yeah the story is very important and this game has a good one but the story is not the most important thing is the gameplay wich this game has not, the “gameplay” if i can call it that is a bunch of QTE and interactive cutscenes and point and click stuff and like I said the story is really good but the gameplay kills it you just move your cursor and watch things happen.”
Score: 3


  • “P.S If you’re a 12 year-old console COD fanboy, do us true gamers a favour, and put your parents money toward something of quality (like meth, or cyanide), and stop ruining this industry”

    This guy is a moron. what’s wrong with games being released and these people enjoying ?. He sounds like an elitist who thinks all games should cater to his needs and his needs only. I hate these people, maybe he should just play indie games there are plenty of them coming out to sustain his needs.

    At the end of the day he is airing his opinion, I can always just not listen to him.

    • I agree! Free speech is so over rated. We should all just keep playing the same game relabeled for the rest of our lives while listening to prepubescent children tell us how they slept with our mothers last night…

      But seriously all games should be catered to my needs and i should be payed to play then while attractive girls feed me grapes and prima juice box’s

  • all they had to do was take farcry2 and add some new maps and story lines.

    They did. FC2 has nearly no plot to speak of…. and they injected FUN into part 3. Seriously why do you guys keep posting idiots quotes again??? FC3 might not be the best, most original game ever made? But it’s damn fun and very addictive. Something a lot of big budget games this year simply failed to be… MOH, AC3 for instance.

    • I do wish FarCry 3 was more like FarCry 2…
      The things i loved about FarCry 2 was how immersive it was; Everything from the fact that the Map was literately a piece of paper you had to take out of your pocket, to the fact that Crosshairs were turned off by default, to you could “Tag” enemies but little red icons wouldnt show up on your screen…
      There were 3 things i did when i started up FarCry 3:
      1) Turned the Music off
      2) Turned the Crosshairs off
      3) Turned enemy tagging off.

      It made the game just that much greater.

      • Then you missed one of the best parts of the pot burning mission… I normally do NOT like dubstep but the mix of music and the mission when it kicks in made it the most memorable parts of all 3 farcry games…

        Tagging and Crosshairs I agree with.

      • I will absolutely agree with you about the map. I wasn’t that thrilled about the map. Even if it showed him holding up a GPS every now and then or something, I wasn’t liking the mini map in the corner at all. It made it simpler. However, Farcry 3 has a better plot and far better mission structure than 2 had. Also, actually having allies in 3 instead of simply being dropped between 2 factions plays off a bit better. Though this is also a two way bit as it does reduce encountered combat later…

        I stand by my point that FC3 is far more fun than FC2 though. At times FC2 felt like an absolute chore to play. 3 hasn’t felt that way at all yet.

  • My god, do these people not know what backhanded means? these are just criticisms not fucking backhanded compliments, here is a definition for the kotaku.

    backhanded compliment
    Web definitions
    A backhanded compliment is an insult that is disguised as a compliment

  • I would’ve thought that the term “backhanded” as used in this context would mean “insult/criticsm disguised as compliment”.

    The above quotes are just plain insults.

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