Black Ops II's First DLC Will Be A Timed Xbox 360 Exclusive

Images purportedly of in-store promotional materials suggest that Call of Duty: Black Ops II's first map pack extension will be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive arriving on January 29. Five maps are included.

"Revolution" sports five maps, one of which — "Die Rise" — appears to be a zombie map. The others are named Hydro, Grind, Downhill and Mirage. The promo placards also say a weapon — the Peacemaker SMG — is included. No word on pricing; if you have the Call of Duty season pass, it's free.

We've pinged an Activision rep for comment, so this is unconfirmed for now.

Black Ops 2 Revolution, first dlc coming out January 29th [Reddit via Joystiq.]


    Aren't all COD map packs timed Xbox exclusives anyway?

      Yeah, they made a 5 year (I think?) deal starting with MW2.

      Bigger question is - does anybody give a toss about timed exclusivity? Especially when it's only for a month?

        they actually resigned with Microsoft this year to extend the contract to have the dlc first.. it's complete bs - but then again, so is CoD dlc...

        Depends. It wouldn't make anyone buy a 360 if they have a PS3 or PC but it might make them choose to buy it on 360 if they had both consoles.

        If you think 1 month is bad then look no further then the 1 week deal Sony has with BF3. Sony basically gave away money to EA to buy those rights as surely no one sees it as an issue if they had to choose what version to get (Doesn't matter anyway they should be getting BF3 on PC :P )

    As much as Black Ops 2 surprised me, I still find the multiplayer just a simple game of "I-Spy" with victory going to whoever saw the other person first. So I'll skip this years lot of map packs too. Although I haven't bought any CoD map packs since World at War. Kinda did for MW3, but they were all free.

      Yeah, it's funny after playing BF3 for so long how differently the multiplayer plays out. It feels like you should just go straight to the Hardcore game modes just to make it a little less frustrating. In the core modes headshots don't seem to register, and when they do it seems totally at random. Then the players themselves are complete bullet sponges that take a tonne of damage to actually take down.

    I've never felt the urge to buy cod dlc. It never seems worth the asking price at almost a third of the entir games price per map pack.

    Can't wait to see how abysmally awful the 'zombies' map is. Zombies mode in Black Ops 2 utterly terrible, after zombies was the only redeeming feature of Black Ops 1 it is pretty embarrassing for them to have released the game with zombie mode as it is now.

    This just in, Bears still defecating in woods and pope still firmly adhering to Catholic faith

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