Blizzard Drops The Diablo III Banhammer On Several Thousand Accounts

If you have been hacking, botting, or engaging in any type of nefarious behaviour on Diablo III, there's a good chance you may have woken up to a healthy banning from Blizzard. Apparently several thousand accounts have bit the dust in a massive wave of bans.

"We've recently issued account bans to several thousand Diablo III players who were found to be using botting programs while playing," read the official announcement. "In addition to undermining the spirit of fair play, botting, hacking, and other forms of cheating can also cause technical problems with the game as well as contribute to performance issues with the service."

Blizzard were loathe to reveal the methods used to decide whether someone is up to no good in Diablo III, but stated that this wasn't their "first rodeo"!

'Botting' — the act of using bots to farm gold which is then sold to other players — has been an issue in the Diablo III community, with some users claiming they've made $20,000 over the last three months. Typically these players will have 10 different bots running 24 hours a day to collect gold in Diablo III. Entire communities have sprung up around botting, and it looks as though Blizzard are keen to put a halt to the practice.

Interestingly, one user — who was banned for botting — challenged the ban stating that "Blizzard profits off of people botting whether they like it or not".

A spokesperson for Blizzard replied with the following.

Sorry, but we care too much about the game to simply pocket money from botting game purchases and call it a day. We work hard and spend lots of time (and money) on ensuring the integrity of the game is kept intact, and that involves keeping this kind of behavior out of the game.

Blizzard Brings Down the Banhammer for Botting []

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    Sucked in to all those involved. Shame IP banning is not really viable.

    yep act on this but no news on pvp ... hence y no body play it anymore .... to boring of a game

    I absolutely despise hackers, i'm glad that blizzard is tacking a stand a giving those @$$***** a kick up the @$$

    Have always wanted something like Steam that all games are run through. If you cheat in one of the games you get a black mark against your "Steam" account. 3 strikes and you will no longer be able to play online games. And ideally each person could ever only have 1 account. Currently there is no real penalties for cheating or being a general ass hat on the net. "Oh damn I got banned, no worries just go buy another copy/create a new account.."

      well botting on d3 even if ur on steam it still would work ..
      what this bot does is just mimmic ur mouse click
      so there is no injection to the game what so eva

    You my mate copped it for botting, though he easily made enough money to fund restarting 4 or 5 times over

    I'm surprised there was still "several thousand" people playing that game.

    Nice work Blizzard! The more I see botters, hackers and nefarious types getting shafted the better.

    better response would have been "and we make even more you inevitably buy more copies of the game to replace you banned cd keys".

    Thought the only people still playing this game are the botters.
    Which would explain why Blizzard do these ban hammer waves whenever they feel like they need a quick cash injection by forcing botters to buy new CD keys.

    Who gives a fuck isn't this lame ass game pretty much all but dead?

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