David Jaffe And Jenova Chen Set To Announce New Secret Project? [Update]

They must be like video gaming's odd couple. The softly spoken, thoughtful Jenova Chen. The brash, outspoken, heart-on-his-sleeve David Jaffe. Is this a video game project or the set-up for a terrible, terrible sit-com?

According to David Jaffe's Twitter, Jaffe himself is set to announce a new project, and he's working with the "daddy of Flower and Journey" on said project. Sounds good.

When you look at it, this could make sense. Both developers are connected the Sony Santa Monica Studio, so there is little doubt they know the same people, and have the potential to work together on something interesting.

We'll let you know as soon as we know, but for now, it might be fun to speculate. What kind of game could this pair be working on?

Thanks VG247

Update: Looks like it isn't really a game at all, more like an IGN series with Lisa Foiles and Jenova Chen. Boo-urns.


    Before update: :O !!!!!111!1!11!1

    ... After update: "aaaaand it's gone. Yep, all gone."

    Jenova Chen's a dude? Huh.

      I know, right? You hear JENOVA in a gaming context and you think freaky genetic supermonster and one-winged angel. But no.

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