For The Honour Of Grayskull, She-Ra Has The Power

How does one improve upon the most powerful game in the universe? By unleashing the most powerful game update in the universe, featuring Princess Adora and her magical horse.

Princess Adora of course transforms into She-Ra, the marketing product of a much simpler time, when capturing the hearts of little girls was as easy switching the gender of the main character of a boys toy line. Adora is Prince Adam's long-lost sister, stolen as a baby and brainwashed into being Hordak's henchman. Answering the question of nature versus nurture once and for all, she switches sides in a heartbeat upon realising her true heritage.

Imagine how Hordak must have felt. He spent what, somewhere between 20 and 30 years raising this child, and for what? The man changed nappies. He fed her. Sheltered her. He bought her a pony!

Anyway, she's playable now in the He-Man 1.1. update, which also adds an alternate virtual button control scheme and fixes some things. Pretty sure those things don't include Hordak's broken heart.


    The Brony crowd will enjoy this update I reckon.

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