Is There Really A Hidden Message In These Phantom Pain Screenshots?

Stare at these screenshots of The Phantom Pain the new game announced at the Spike Video Game Awards that pretty much everyone knows is really Metal Gear Solid V.

Ah, but do you need more evidence that this is MGSV?

Then keep staring.

Keep staring, because what some people might see as, say, a water stain, others see as the Virgin Mary. They did at a highway underpass in 2005:

... which brings us to this "discovery" by tipster Brian Lesyk:

I like Brian's spirit here. Even if he's just hallucinating, this is great. I wanted to doubt him, yet, when I look back up at the unmarked images, I can't un-see the M and the E in "Metal". And the G in "Gear" is now popping out. I am sure this is merely a psychological effect and that there is a fancy name for it. It's also too fun not to share.

Do you see any words in those shots? Or the Virgin Mary?

Photo: Charles Rex Arbogast/AP


    The screenshots spell out 'kebab' as far as I can see. I could really go a kebab right about now.

    I don't see it at all. Dude must be trippin

    You sure it doesn't spell out HalfLife3?

    First few? I can kinda see it. Everything after that? Dude be crazy.

    The scientific word for the "psychological effect" is Apophenia, seeing meaningful patterns or connections in random noise.

    Maybe... but I'm really no sure. It seems more like that psychological effect where people see meaningful patterns in objects. one crouches like that outside of the jungle except....

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