More Phantom Pain Images Surface. They're Kind Of Dark And Murky.

Moby Dick Studios boss "Joakim Mogren" appeared on GTTV tonight to show off some new Phantom Pain images. He was covered in bandages.

Sure, The Phanton Pain has to be Metal Gear related. "Joakim" is an anagram of "Kojima", Metal Gear's creator. Oh, and as the new images show the Fox Engine, which is the new game engine Hideo Kojima is overseeing.

This whole thing is one giant PR stunt. But, I guess, as far as publicity stunts go, it's somewhat interesting and creative. It's better than a stupid countdown clock. I guess! All that being said, it's difficult to make heads or tails of screenshots and concept art off of an iPad on television.

Late late year, Kotaku interviewed the individual who's apparently behind the Joakim Mogren Twitter account, and that person told Kotaku that he uses "a custom shampoo" known as 'Avföring Från Fisk — which means "fish shit".

OK, now that was pretty funny.

Also at that time, Mogren also described The Phantom Pain as "a combination of Half Life, Borderlands 2, Angry Birds and Faerie Solitaire". I'll tell you what: If it's not this and just ends up being a new Metal Gear, I'm going to be totally crushed.

Real March Madness [GameTrailers]


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