Let's Share The Horror Of A Bizarre 1993 Street Fighter II Comic

There has been a lot of media based on Capcom's Street Fighter II series. Some bad movies, some good anime, some decent comics. This is none of those things. It's a terrible comic.

But terrible in a great way.

Bad art, bad romance, bad fight scenes... if I'd been 13 when I read this, as I was in 1993, I'd have been pissed if I bought this. Now that I'm 32, I'm loving it, because Chun-Li and Ryu are having a real awkward relationship. And I'm pretty sure at the end that's Ken's scalp.

Street Fighter [La Repisa Nintendo]



    OMG!! I Remember this! I'm going to spend all of christmas day at my parent's house looking for this

    Plagiarism much? This has been done on another site. But I'm sure you will block me posting this. For shame.

      Wow, not blocked. It was the cracked site a few days ago. Be original for goodness sake.

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