Metal Gear Solid 4 Gets An Anniversary Edition, But Not Much Else

Metal Gear Solid 4 Gets An Anniversary Edition, But Not Much Else

Many folks were disappointed with Metal Gear Solid 4. With the overblown cut-scenes, the strange detours, the stupid, stupid ending — but I wasn’t one of those people. I still say Metal Gear Solid 4 is one of the greatest games of this generation. This is why I’m a teensy bit disappointed that this ‘Anniversary Edition’ of Guns of the Patriots features so little.

This new Edition of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is part of Konami’s celebration of the 25th anniversary, but it literally provides fans with a double sided Metal Gear poster and that’s… it. No documentary, not even the brilliant DVD that came with special editions of the original. The game has new box art — to be expected — and comes with out of the box trophy support, but that’s literally it.

I understand it’s a little difficult with MGS4 — there was no DLC for the game, which makes for an easy out with re-releases — but this game deserves better than a poster? Think of Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence! That may be the greatest re-release of all time. Would have liked to have seen a little more from this.

The re-release hits Australian stores on December 18.


  • Wait, stupid, stupid ending? I’ll admit the controls for the fight could be a bit finnicky but I loved the styles, the changing of the health bars and music was a great touch. :-/

      • What about the fact that instead of having Ocelot, son of The Sorrow, tapping into his father’s psychic abilities to have Liquid taking over his body, it was instead all the work of nanomachines and hypnosis?
        It just seems like a missed opportunity for something awesome.

        • Apparantly it was both; Liquid took over Ocelot in MGS2, and in the time between games Ocelot cut off his arm, then decided that since everyone thought he was being possessed by Liquid, why not keep up the ruse to keep his motives hidden from his quadrupple crossing.

  • There was actually a ton of DLC for MGS4. Not the paid kind you’re maybe accustomed to, but there were heaps of optional Camo patterns, songs and podcasts to download. You know… content, that was downloadable. Maybe that stuff will come on the disc.

    And I guess you could also include the various traditional paid DLC packs that were released for MGO – map packs and new characters – except the servers have shut down now so I’ll let that one slide.

  • I’m with you Mark; MGS4 was one of my favourites in this generation and it’s actually one of the few reasons I still have a PS3 in my house. It would be nice to have trophy support and full installation out of the box, but just a poster? That’s a little sad….

    • MGS4 was the reason I bought an PS3… unfortunatly after that, and Uncharted 2, there wasn’t much else for me, so I sold it and bought lots of 360 games. The most underutilised system this generation. Sony really had something there… next round is make or break I reckon, sux coz PlayStation 1 was an culture unto itself. If Sony Computer Entertainment can return to their roots, I’ll be an happy chappy – hopefully Sony will just call the PS4, ‘PlayStation’ again – the Red, Blue & Green PS logo still is where it’s at, the need to concentrate on that. Bit of topic, sorry @ross 😛

      • I’ll never buy another playstation after my PS3 dies. Sony ran it into the ground IMO.

        And not to mention they put ads on your dashboard that are undeletable.

      • Funny enough, I also sold my phat PS3 at one point because I wasn’t using it much either. Fast forward a year or two and I was missing the few PS3 games I liked; so I went out and got a new Slim + those games.
        Yes, it’s to the point again where I don’t play it much, but I know I’ll regret it if I sell it again…. Plus I still have hope that The Last Guardian will come out eventually! lol

        • Yeah, Ive been thinking of buying another Slim – not that horrendous looking new model though… but luckily the prices should drop on the old stock of the slims.

  • Meh – I’d argue it was one of the worst games this generation. Not because it was a bad piece of media perse, but mostly because Kojima wouldn’t let me actually play it. It stopped being a game, and basically became an interactive cutscene. And he is rightfully derided for that, despite the fact that most of the parts you actually got to play were good.

      • I timed the game – it took me 3hrs and 30 minutes to finish on Hard, first play through once I subtracted 8 hrs and 30 minutes of cutscenes. The game should have been $40 on release consistent with other film DVD releases.

    • The “gameplay time” in total is no more than the other MGS games once it’s distilled to a speed-run which is about 1:30 hours.

    • It wasn’t so much the cutscenes, it was the story itself. Man it sucked!

      Okay so it was the cutscenes then. Gameplay itself was great, but I’d much rather play at a decent resolution on my PC than go back to 720p. It really strains my eyes looking for enemies in the distance.

      It’s definitely a game worth playing though.

  • We should at least get a making-of DVD or bluray. I loved the Document of Metal Gear Solid 2 from the Sons of Liberty special bundle.

  • I would rather watch a 2 hr cut scene at the end than a 5 minute cut-scene to choose which colour of explosion do you want.
    Best way to play MGS games is by replaying the game again and again and trying out different stuff.
    BIG BOSS emblem run was so much fun. MGS and Splinter cell are best stealth games out there. Rest are simple and way to easy

  • MGS is a great, true ‘black ops’ mission game. Unfortunately the term has been devalued by a certain franchise with all the stealthy grace of Tropic Thunder.

  • But getting this game still felt like receiving MGS4 for the very first time (AGAIN). That feeling was very good….

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