Modern Combat 4 On Android Celebrates With MOGA Controller Giveaway

Gameloft's Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour works well enough with touch controls, but it should absolutely sing with a physical gamepad like the MOGA controller, so Power A is giving them away for free.

For one day only, Power A is giving Android gamers free MOGA controllers and copies of Modern Combat 4; all they have to pay is shipping. All one has to do is go to the Power A product page, add the package to the cart and enter the code "Secret Santa" at checkout.

The website is currently getting slammed by eager Android gamers, so keep trying until you make it through. Nothing solves internet accessibility problems like a couple thousand people refreshing at the same time.


    US only, unfortunately...

    To celebrate the launch of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour on Android, is offering something truly amazing – a free MOGA Mobile Gaming System! Want another reason to celebrate? We’re including a free Modern Combat 4 download code – for today only!

    Why? We want everyone to know just how much better mobile gaming can be with your thumbs off the glass and your hands on a real MOGA controller.

    To participate, go to, and order a MOGA. Simply enter the code “SecretSanta” at checkout. That’s it! You pay only for shipping and handling.

    Hurry, supplies are limited! First come, first served. Limit one per customer. US only.

    Stop copy-pasting from the - I'm supposed to be reading things relevant to Australia...

    First off the code is wrong its SecretSanta one word no space, second the deal is limited to US only :(

    Well it let me still place an order for free but they will send me an email with an estimate of shipping...should be intresting

    Hmmm, entering the promo code lists that it is for 'US only'. Proceeding through to checkout with my Melbourne shipping address then states that PowerA cannot calculate shipping and they will send me an email within 48 hours with a full invoice for payment. (Thankfully I have not yet provided any payment details, so at this stage I'm not likely to get phantom charges anywhere)

    I'll update everyone here when I have a result regarding if this (awesome) deal is available for us in Australia.

    Update: It seems they have "run out of free systems" :

    As this was announced an hour after my order was placed, it shall be interested to see what happens for mine, considering I placed the order looong before then

    Last edited 14/12/12 11:56 am

    Also, the code is "SecretSanta" (without the space between the words)

    OK, so never got an email to confirm shipping. Also, they are not responding to my queries regarding my order 'Status'. I'm actually happy to just 'buy' one if there is stock (depending on how much the AU shipping is)

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