Nintendo Told Us All Along That Blowing On The Cartridge Wouldn't Work

The popular myth has been debunked: you can't blow on cartridges to make them work. Actually, blowing on the cartridge might damage it. Sorry, folks. It's true.

But apparently the myth never needed to be debunked in the first place. Nintendo has kind of been telling us all along. We just weren't paying attention.

First they cautioned us against using anything other than a cleaning kit. But like... who actually used a cleaning kit for their cartridges, really?

That first warning didn't work. So, they followed it up with something more explicit; a straight up don't blow on it!

Ah, the hours we could have all saved if we bothered to read, eh?



    It developed seemingly as a superstition about how to make the damn thing work. And if they knew this was a problem, why didn't the bother to fix it?

    I remember seeing an article recently where they showed the exposed part of the cart on two cartridges, one had never been blown on and the other had, the one that had been blown on looked like it shouldn't have worked.


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      Too true! The Snes/N64 carts needed no blowin' action!

    I feel like the minority who took blowing on it as a generally bad idea =/ i remember a friend of mine would blast the connector, blowing on it and smacking it down hoping it'd work. After a few failed attempts, it would always work when I placed it more gently and very deliberately into the console. Felt like a cartridge whisperer

    The only time i blew on them was when there was actually visible dust on them. Like after i havent played the game in six months or so.

    the urban myth around my area was pulling and re plugging the av cord in out on the back a nes. It seemed to work, idk if it actually helped tough.

    The myth started because of the VCR style NES, I never needed to do it for my Mega Drive or any other Top loader.

    This may be true but that doesn't explain the countless times a cartridge wouldn't work properly and started working again after exhaling into it for me.

      I was going to say the same thing, if it didnt work i would blow into it.
      Then it would work :D.

    I can't speak for the first picture, but the N64 pic is a fake, I've got a stack of games in front of me now and nowhere does it say "do not blow".

    "Do not touch edge connectors with your fingers" is the instruction.

      Correct-a-mundo, the Australian N64 cartridges do not say anything about blowing on the cartridge. NTSC ones however, do sport this warning. Pretty terrible journalism not bothering to check about something as easy as this.

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