Oh, Turns Out One Can Simply Walk Into Mordor

What was once a throwaway line in a 3.5-hour long movie has, thanks to the slow burn of Sean Bean's amazingness, become one of the most memorable quips in all three Lord of the Rings flicks.

Mostly because he has a point! One does not simply walk into Mordor. Or...can they?

Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais from Rooster Teeth (of Halo's Red v Blue fame) decided to put Boromir's theory to the test, scouting out the real-world locations for both Hobbiton and Mt. Doom and walking the distance.

At "only" 120 miles, it's a lot easier than Frodo and Sam's journey, though...I hate to be the 1984th person to point out that their journey doesn't really begin until they hit Rivendell, and as the map at the beginning of the video shows, that's a hell of a lot further than 120 miles.

A Simple Walk Into Mordor: Episode 1 [Rooster Teeth]


    They also left out the battles with the orcs and balrog and wraiths. I imagine that would have taken a fair amount of time.

    Hobbit's legs are also shorter, so I imagine they can't walk quite as fast as a full sized human.

    Wait, why am I replying to this video with fictional facts?

      Hobbits may be shorter, but as being barefoot all the time might indicate to you, they are also quite hardy. I'm confident they could walk further than any full sized human.

        I also think they are going about this the wrong way. The quote was "One does not simply walk INTO Mordor", meaning you can't just walk through the front gates.

        They have interpreted that as "One does not simply walk TO Mordor", meaning start walking in the shire and arrive at the mountain.

        Two letters makes a pretty big difference there.

        Last edited 17/12/12 4:16 pm

    That image of Sean Bean is really open for some photoshop'n

      You could make it look like he was eating a carrot! How delightfully droll.

      Last edited 17/12/12 6:31 pm

    Wait a second.. In the special features on the dvd they mention that the scene at the black gate is actually a military zone with unexploded landmines and bombs. Are they seriously thinking the military will let them in? And if they get in, will they even want to walk there? Ballsy.

      Yeah but I don't think that location they used for the black gate was the same location they used for Mt Doom.

    I liked the How It Should Have Ended version of LoTR where Frodo is flown by an eagle into Mordor and just drops the ring into Mount Doom. No mess, no fuss.

    Though I've always said LoTR would have been more boring (or more exciting?) if they had access to a car and just drove straight on in.

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