One Piece Is Still One Cruel Mistress

One Piece Is Still One Cruel Mistress

Eiichiro Oda writes and draws the biggest selling manga of all time, One Piece. Oda didn’t do that by sitting around on his arse. Well, actually he did, because he works from a desk. But he sure didn’t make One Piece so successful by lollygagging around.

In a recent manga interview, Oda was asked about his workday. He replied, “Well mornings…I get up at 5am, and I work until 2am. It’s normal for me to sleep from 2am to 5am.” This is something the 37 year-old manga artist talked about earlier this year. But, man, 21 hour shifts. That’s a long day.

Then, when asked about his days off, Oda replied, “I have no days off. If I had them, I’d want to go on vacation with my family. I just want to go outside, it doesn’t matter where. See, I don’t get out much.”


Hello, workaholic! Obviously, this guy works way too much — which we already know — but that’s probably because he’s incredibly driven and loves what he does. Still, this dude needs a day off.

尾田栄一郎「朝5時に起きて深夜2時まで仕事。休みは無いです」 [暇人\(^o^)/速報 ]

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  • I really wouldn’t say that its because he’s a workaholic, but more that if he wants to keep his career he has no choice but to put in these kinds of hours, sure noone could put such a high number hours into something they hate but until One Piece ends or goes out of serialisation (unlikely we know) he has no choice but to put in insane hours every week to
    a.) get the linework done for that weeks chapter
    b.) continue working on the storylines that will take place in the weeks/months ahead
    c.) make any tweaks to the artwork that might be suggested by his editors
    d.) finish the pages (screen tones, backgrounds, etc) usually done by assistants yes but assistants still have to be monitored.

    Regardless I am amazed by how driven he is, if everyone put as much energy into their creative pursuits the world would probably be a very different place.

    • Well relationships would cease to exist, and presumably no one would have the time to actually enjoy the creative pursuits of others, so yeah it probably would be a very different place indeed.

    • He also has to work briefly with Toei on the new film, “Film Z” and the anime. As well as some advice on the events and merch. He is one freaking busy guy.

  • I honestly can’t think of a way to say this that doesn’t come off as dickish, but bullshit. If nothing else (and there’s a WHOLE lot of elses here, like his family actually being okay with never ever seeing him, according to this article, literally never) but aside from all that, One piece simply isn’t GOOD enough that someone could work that much on it.

    Authors, who write amazing 100k plus word count novels with rewrites upon rewrites, and the need to make complex and intelligent story lines so very far above the manga plots of things like one piece often work huge hours, but in almost manic methods, you write excessively but break afterward, even those that manage a often work more hours per day than your average 9-5, but they don’t do it every day for their whole lives, but again this is writing of a quality AND quantity much above that of One Piece.

    On the other side I personally know an guy, maybe another two honestly (yay artist friends!) who could draw a comic of One piece size in a week without working such ludicrous hours. Hell even if this is true, and since I’ll no doubt have a chain of sarcastic replies already, if the guy does do this, he’s stupid, not driven, that’s one hell of an unhealthy lifestyle right there, and last time I checked Oda made more than enough money from One Piece to chill the hell out and set some reasonable working hours.

      • I fully understand where you are coming from with your comment it doesn’t come off dickish (as you put it)
        Yes anyone can create something the length of a typical One Piece chapter in a week, but it is the ability to continue doing it week after week for as long as the series runs that separates the boys from the men.
        The author example of you use is flawed authors can spend years working on an incredibly long well thought out story where as a manga artist must go from the rough name (which must be signed off by editors in drawn out meetings), to draft sketches, to undersketches, followed by inking and toning the pages which then must be sent off in time to be printed. all this in a week.

        A lot of people under estimate the amount of work that goes into comics, and it is one of those things that you will not understand until you personally do it, i tried and i will never under estimate the amount of work that goes into comics from the crudest drawn webcomic to the most detailed and painstakingly created graphic novel.

  • I’ve heard that Hiro Mashima (author of fairy tail) is one of the very few mangakas that regularly gets 7 hours of sleep.

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