San Andreas (2004) Vs San Andreas (2013), A Visual Comparison

Using official screenshots and stills from the game's trailers, a Polish fan site has done a cracking job comparing the San Andreas of 2004 to the one we'll be getting our hands on in 2013's Grand Theft Auto V.

As you can see there are... more trees. And shinier cars. But one thing I will miss is that old sky. As an avid supporter of the Blue Sky in Games campaign, Rockstar's old ones were a lot more fun to drive around under than their murkier, more contemporary efforts.

Los Santos 2004 vs. Los Santos 2013 [Rockstar24, via Rockstar]


    its easy to forget how far games have come since 2004...

    I agree wholeheartedly with the Blue Sky comments. They've stripped way too much colour from everything. It ruins part of San Andreas' charm. Realistic? Pssshh.

      And you'd be crying if the sky was only one colour in gtav. The trailer was spectacular. Colours looked fine. Wait for the full game. It's fucking 'Diablo 3 is too shiny' all over again, and it wasn't :P

        D3's problem wasn't its colours.

          You'd better duck, the points flying straight over your head...

            No, you're a duck.

    Based on GTAIV, I have my doubts that they can make it as fun as San Andreas.

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