Square Enix’s Next-Gen Engine Sure Makes Eyeballs Look Pretty

Square Enix’s Next-Gen Engine Sure Makes Eyeballs Look Pretty

We may know nothing official about the next generation of consoles, but we do know what Final Fantasy overseers Square Enix hope their games will look like on them, courtesy of its 2012 debut of the Luminous engine.

These two videos give us a closer look at the tech demo first shown at E3, zooming right in and showing off the detail of the 3D models, as well as the lighting, used in what looks like a realtime demonstration.

Agni’s Philosophyでの皮膚表現のデモ [4Gamer]


  • Can’t wait for the next gen Final Fantasy games… maybe they’ll finally do away with game-play altogether, so they can focus all their efforts on making it look even prettier.

  • Amazing. They’ve achieved a realistic look without enteirng ‘uncanny’ territory. Hopefully they take ‘Agni’ beyond tech demo into fully fledged game.

  • At some levels of zoom looks real but at others (both further away and closer) it looks fake again.. these are really amazing techs.. but they still have a ways to go.. the thing I noticed the most was that it was “too good” or “too perfect”.. which nature rarely is.. even when you see an real actress that has been post-processed to give a specific artistic look, it can look fake.. and the skin kinda ruins things too..

  • I actually hope they release the Agni tech demo as a pc benchmark of sorts. I reckon my somewhat decent pc would run it at an absolute bloody slideshow. But is always good to load up benchmarks each time you upgrade and see the difference.

  • The level of detail is amazing, and I hope that is achievable someday, but it still looks creepy. Among other things, the eyes don’t really look right – they’re reflecting too much of everything instead of just the brightest details, which makes them look cloudy. In that kind of lighting situation what would be more emphasised is the light refracting through the lens and hitting the back of the iris, making the colour of the eye nice and bright and showing the depth of the iris. Pixar’s stuff is far from realistic, but their stylised eyes do a good job of highlighting this key characteristic.

    And really, until we can make CG that is perfectly photo-real and moves believably, that’s what you need to do to make appealing visuals – stylise it by highlighting the key features and throwing away the unnecessary details.


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