Square Enix Is Making A Final Fantasy Game For PS4

No real news yet, but Square Enix's Shinji Hashamoto took the stage at today's PS4 event to say the company is working on a Final Fantasy game and that we should "please be excited for E3 this year".

Square also showed off a video of the same "Luminous Engine" tech demo we saw last year. You can see it right here:


    lets just hope that it is Versus 13....

      Prefer that to just be on PS3 personally

        Same here but that Luminous engine would make Versus 13 absolutely amazing... i'd be happy to buy a ps4 for a new FF game.

    I was expecting him to say FFXIII Versus... when he just said "Look forward to E3" and walked off, I wanted to leap through my screen and bitch slap the fuck out of him.

    So he basically came on stage to say final fantasy will be at another event (e3) ? wow, nice.

    Final Fantasy XIII-69: Lightning Flogs a Dead Horse

    reken its been pushed
    versus for ps4 !!

    I love teasers for ads about news about stuff.

    So this is, what, the fifth Final Fantasy game in development?

    VERSUS cmoooon, or better yet FFVII in Super Duper HD!

      OK, clue me in here... what the hell is Versus supposed to be, and why is everyone treating it like the second coming? Is it a complete revamp of the utterly shit-tastic combat system (because I could seriously get behind that), or a fighting game, like a completely different genre? What's the deal here? What are people asking for and why do they want it?

        Versus is the game the director of Kingdom Hearts has been worrking since forever. It's supposed to be open world with a mature version of the combat system from KH. look it up on wiki, there's quite a bit of info.

        What jimu said up there. It lives in the same... Universe as FFXIII (part of the compilation anyhow). It's built by the Kingdom hearts team and features real time combat. We've been waiting for this game since E3 2006

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