Final Fantasy VII Will Cost $US16 On PS4

Final Fantasy VII Will Cost $US16 On PS4

Fresh off the biggest trolling in video game history, Square Enix has announced that the upcoming PS4 port of Final Fantasy VII will cost $US16.

For comparison, that’s about $US1 more than your average digital title — or $US4 less than Square’s own newly-released Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris — and about 1/4 the price of a full retail game, which usually costs $US60.

Final Fantasy VII is currently $US12 on Steam and just $US10 on the PlayStation Network for PS3, Vita and PSP. This PS4 release will be a port of the Steam version.

Reasonable? Too expensive? I’ll let you be the judge of that one. What’s worrying me is that if Square is creating a new ecosystem for PS4 ports like this, we might never see PS1 Classics brought to the PlayStation 4, which would be a serious shame.


  • square isn’t creating an ecosystem yet that’s down to the consumer. If too few people actually choose to buy this then remaking ps1 classics may get looked at.

  • Well the alternative was that they charge you against the clock to stream a laggy version of a game which most people own and many (including myself) already have linked to their PlayStation accounts.

    Maybe you should be thanking them for this shit.

    • I thought the alternative was a proper, full-scale remake? You know, like so many people have been screaming for for years.

      Personally, I’m happy enough with the original – I don’t really want to see it done in Square’s present day more realistic art style, and I REALLY don’t want to hear these characters speak because the voices they end up with will never end up being the same as the ones I imagine them having. Like when somebody makes a film out of your favourite book at the actors they cast don’t look or sound anything like you imagined them in your head.

          • Should give it a re-watch then 😛

            A FF7 done in FF15’s game engine with the character models of Advent Children and the Game itself including all FF7 titles (The game starts at FF7 Crisis Core and then Continues the story onto Cloud and then turns the story of Advent Children into the game)

            And Presto – What I and all FF7 Fans are one day miraculasly waiting for…

            But nah SE would rather make FF17-5: The iOS Strikes back.

          • I dunno, FF7’s hideous graphics are part of the charm.
            I’d prefer a stylised but better looking version of that.

            I saw this one really good piece of concept art that did just that but that was years ago.
            Proved you could pull it off though.

            edit: more “realistic” graphics would ruin one of my favourite jokes, too: when you encounter Red on the ship to Costa Del Sol

  • A great quote (from The Sopranos, from memory) comes to mind:

    “Not only do they shit on our heads, we’re supposed to say thanks for the hat.”

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