Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced For PS4

Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced For PS4

Eighteen years and three PlayStations later, Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake. A real one. For PlayStation 4.

Square Enix announced the news during Sony's press conference at E3 tonight, following a day full of rumours. "Play it first on PlayStation," read the trailer, implying that it will be out for PC and Xbox One too.


    Haha that's a funny joke Kotaku, you nearly had me believe ya.

      nope..... it's real..... It reduced a grown man to tears...... it's really real......

    Eh. I'd prefer Final Fantasy 9.

      So would I but still, SQUEEEEEEE!!!

      Still waiting on a remaster of XII.

      Can't believe they are porting (if you can even call it that) DQVIII to 3DS. It looks terrible. Should be on PS4 or Vita.

      Honestly... I prefer FFIX, but it would feel so wrong for me to see that game remade like this. Sure I would be super hyped preorder the game immediately and all that jazz.

      But I feel only FFVII can get away with a remake like this and only in no small part due to the history of this title with all the spin offs. Then especially so because FFVII Advent Children was already made and planted the seeds for what a remastered HD FFVII world should look and feel like, then has given those seeds time to grow in our minds.

      So really what I'm saying is a game that I am happy except and I am sure these expectations that have built up will allow me to enjoy the game. But without precedence this isn't something that I really want... If I was thrown into a remade FFIX world I would be too shocked to enjoy it so much, the nostalgic memories are still scared. FFVII has long since died and became a new beast.

      And I still have my original BradyGames guide to playing Final Fantasy 9, so I can tear out each page and burn it while I'm playing!

      (The FF9 "hint" book was famously bad, depending as it did on use of an Internet site at a time when Internet usage was rare and tablets were rarer. There's a Kotaku article about it.)

      out of all the 3D final fantasies. Its obvious that FF7 is the one that didn't age well.
      So remaking this would be the most logical. Besides, they've got plenty of references from Advent Children, Crisis Core, etc

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    Being skeptical here but:
    1) is this because of the crazy reaction when FF7 remake was NOT announced at some conference last year (was it E3?)
    2) why not just make the next FF with updated mechanics of FF7 but with a a new story ? Isn't that what everyone really wants?

      I want the same mechanics as the original, the Materia system was my fav system in all the FF games.

      It's the most requested remake so I'd say yes it's what people want.

        I'm going to be combative and suggest a vocal minority.

          You can be combative if you like but over the years, FF7 has drawn probably the most requests to Squaresoft for a remake. It's you know, why they decided to do it over 8 or 9. Logic wins :)

            It's also seen a lot of people against a remake, from fans through to senior Square-Enix employees both former and current.

            You would think the logic would take more in to account, it used to at least.

              It obviously did, but they're remaking it now :) So again, they obviously took budgetary concerns and hyperbole around that issue into account, hence getting a remake now :)

                I doubt that whole heartedly, there is clearly only one particular piece of logic being applied here.

                  You're really only arguing here for arguings sake you know.

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                  As weresmurf said, you're kinda grabbing on straws there buddy.
                  It was bound to happen at some point, despite what you might think. If i was Square I would always have this as the ace up my sleeve. Looks like they've decided now is the time to show it.

              The number of people who won't buy it doesn't really matter, only the number of people who will. If enough people are willing to buy it to justify the production cost with enough profit afterwards, there's no reason not to do it.

                Oh I know that's exactly the mindset behind the project, no doubt. (I can think of quite a few good reasons not to do it though)

                Since is ps4 exclusive you should also keep in mind the people who will buy a ps4 just for this game and then sit it on a shelf to collect dust never to be touched again.

                  It's not PS4 exclusive, it's targeting PC for launch as well.

      That's what I want for sure, a continuation of the series.

      Shouldn't touch a classic, especially to pander to nostalgia goggles and retrophobes. It's going to be impossible to recreate what made VII so great and chances are liberties will be taken.

        Some liberties need to be taken. There were more than a few bits that were pointless, made no sense, or weren't that much fun.

          Sacrilege! Burn him!

          (Actually, would be top to not have it so that holding down a button would cause you to flip between screens over and over. I remember I spent, like, a third of the game waiting for the next screen to load)

        It also didnt age well...I can't recommend it to new players at all...
        Good to remake if only to introduce to a younger generation. When I have a son he will have no more excuse to not play ff7. And I'll banish him from the house if he doesnt like it!

      I love the old story of FFVII. If they just update the graphics, left the mechanics as it is, I would be happy as. Just don't mess with the mechanics. Leave it alone, bugs and all (Multiple item glitch etc)...

      This would be the best ride down memory lane.

        I finally got around to finishing ff7 earlier this year after many attempts over the years (including back when it first came out), and I definitely don't think I would have managed it without my w-item infinite megalixirs. If they program that in, I might consider picking this up one day.

      1) I'm sure this has been on the books a lot longer than that. Most likely since before Tetsuya Nomura moved away from directing FFXV.

      2) C'mon now... We all want new FF stories, but to but to pair one with a copy of the FFVII mechanics would be a complete cop out that no one wants. Besides its not even the mechanics of FFVII that people want, they aren't all that standout... It's the rich world and story of the game that we all want to visit again.

      As a fan of the franchise that has never been a FFVII fanboy or never even completely finished the game. I am super excited for this!!

    I was always against it because I always thought Square had no idea what made FF7 amazing.

    Buuut, original developer crew? I'll keep an ear out.

    I don't know why some have to hate. This is the best gaming news I've seen so far at E3.

    I cannot wait!

    I'm keen on this. Never played FFVII, & it's apparently quite good.

    Though, I'd have to get a PS4 first.... hmm... damn.

      Just do it!! Make your dreams come true!!!

        haha My PC is on its last legs at the moment, & I mainly game on that, so I might have to wait for a PS4 price drop...

          you have time. Doubt this coming out in the next 2 years.

          I just got a PS4 a month or so ago (first ever non-Nintendo console, always been a PC gamer primarily) and I love it. Fallout 4 will be a test but if it passes then I will never build another gaming PC again.

      Play it in on a PSP. The smaller screen hides the age better.

    that trailer was pretty amazing.

    Think I stopped breathing for a second.

    Cue anticipation for music fans of the remastered 1 winged angel theme

      Well they've already remade/remastered the song plenty of times since the game first came out... So I wouldn't be surprised if they just use something like the Advent Children version of the song. But maybe that won't fit into the game so well... Plus they need to remaster the rest of the sound track and it needs to match with that. Hmm... I am excited!

        They don't need to remaster it again, there are plenty of remasters done already.
        The only difference between them at this stage is a bit of artistic flair tacked on.

          Well I don't think they've remastered the complete sound track in the past. So if they're going to do the rest of it don't be surprised if it gets remastered anyways. After the FFX OST remaster I think this one is a safe bet.

            I have 6 different versions from original through to the piano collections. (Some aren't complete and a couple aren't "official" like the Tokyo SO)

            I have no doubt they will do a full overhaul, I wouldn't be surprised if it was contractual at this stage.

    I liked the psyche with ff worlds especially, hearing the crowd get excited and abruptly changing to oh, hmm, intriguing but not what I thought was going to happen.

    Might have to play 7 on the ps1 to see if this is any good.

      There's a PC version on Steam, which is probably going to be a lot easier to get your hands on.

        You can get the original PS1 version off the PS store and play it on PS3 or Vita (probably PSP, too, but I don't have one of those so can't confirm).

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          Ah, didn't know there was a digital release on PS3, that'd work too.

    Just please keep it turn based

      This. I don't care how unrealistic this is in real life, but please make it turn base.

    Just wait. The people who forever whinged about a remake will soon be whinging that it wasn't exactly how they wanted it. ;-p

    Has anyone actually played FF7 recently...? The first few hours are fantastic, but the second half of the game is really bad storytelling. Hopefully they fix that up. They would HAVE to keep the core gameplay intact though. Imagine if it became a real time action game like FF15... *shudder*

      It'll help if they have some better translators this time around...

        Barret Attack the Scorpion when his tail is up! Zappppp!!!... Barret's dies.

    I'm excited about this, skeptical, but damn excited.

    I think it's important to remember that, even if they ruin it, the original will still have existed and still be what it is, so far as I'm concerned, it's worth the risk to try and do a remake.
    It will be different to be sure, but who knows, it could very well be amazing.
    Square tried to acknowledge this even with the announcement, listen to the voice over

    "The reunion at hand may bring may bring fear....but let us embrace whatever it brings.
    For they are coming back, at last the promise has been made...."

    It sounds to me like they're going to give it a damn good shot, and whatever the outcome, at least they tried, at least the attempt was made to revive something so treasured by so many.
    To be honest, I'm happy with the idea of the remake being a totally different experience, 3d, voiced and losing some of its campy charm. If they tried to 1:1 it with modern hardware it would almost definitely be disappointing.
    So long as they have the cunning to keep the mechanics the same, or very similar then I really can't imagine it really being bad....just

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    Ugh... it better come quickly to xbox/PC! I was worried it'd be a console exclusive, which would piss me off to no ends, have been waiting for this for a long long time :)

    What would be impressive is if they can incorporate kadaj and all the other characters from the ... "sequel" of ff7 into the remake. Not into the main story line (they have no place in the original), but maybe as a sidestory or cameo.

    What I really want is an expanded story with Zack as well... we all kinda know the story anyways, but for it to be included in the main story again...

      Im really hoping that Square Enix announce a Crisis Core HD remaster for vita/ps3/ps4 at their conference to commemorate this amazing announcement :D

    Awesome, now the FFVII fanboys can stop their whining.

      I'm pretty sure this will only lead to more whining in the long run.

    I'm about one of the biggest FFVII fans on the planet, and I can't wait to give this a go.

    And if it ends up sucking, I still wont care, because I still have the original and it's still amazing :D

    Which poor sap got put in charge of this project?

    “Now mate, I want you to repaint the Mona Lisa. You need to make it better, but don’t change anything at all or you’ll be crucified”.

    They better not take out the part where you walk up all the stairs.

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