The Inside Of An Amazon Warehouse Is A Terrifying Sight

You've no doubt ordered something from Amazon once. Maybe you ordered something from the site just now. It carries all kinds of stuff for all kinds of people, but have you ever wondered where it's all kept? Well, it's kept in gargantuan warehouses like this one, which is no doubt being looked after by top men. Top. Men.

These pics come courtesy of International Business Times, and are of the company's Phoenix warehouse, one of 80 "fulfilment centres" Amazon has worldwide.

Interestingly, Amazon say they don't have a single robot operating in any of these facilities. It's all done the old-fashioned way.

Inside an Amazon Warehouse [IBT]


    Imagine having one of those 'shopping dash' prizes where you could keep whatever you could cram into your trolley in one minute... the mind boggles!

    reminds me of the warehouse in indiana jones and the raiders of the lost arc

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