These Minecraft Cities Are Breathtaking

We've seen so many incredible creations come from the world of Minecraft. At this stage it's almost impossible to be genuinely dazzled. These incredible cities, created by Rikkuness, have just done the impossible. They have actually blown my mind. Just a little bit.

These images come from here, and were initially posted up on Reddit. I've chucked a couple of the images here to whet your curiousity, but I'd definitely recommend clicking through the above links to check out more. They are genuinely incredible, and look really otherworldly when combined with all the Minecraft mods. Brilliant stuff.

Minecraft Building Project [Reddit]

Via Joystiq


    mods changed the heck out of the atmosphere, pretty awesome....

    What......What mods are they's Beautiful......i want to touch it, But seriously those graphics mod are intense where can i get my hands on them haha

    Can't wait to have a machine that can run those cool visual MC mods at decent render distances. HD texture packs, sky and shaders here I come!

    not to mention the water mods. As beautiful as these look (and same goes for other mincraft creations, eg Game of thrones city, etc), a little bit of the magic is gone when you realise that it is automatically created from 3-D files, each individual block isn't placed by hand...

      The Game of Throne cities have videos of loads of people actually building it though

    The city looks great!
    I do not think this was rendered in minecraft though. If you look on the forums there are a few applications that you can export your map to and it will look like this.

    The one mod i can see being used here is the Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shader's mod.

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